Aretha Wilson is Leonardo DiCaprio Slashing Suspect, Will Face Trial

November 12, 2010

Aretha Wilson apparently thought that after five years the law couldn’t catch her. Well, home girl was wrong! Today it is being reported that Wilson, Leonardo DiCaprio slashing suspect, is in deep doo doo. So what exactly did she do to Mr. DiCaprio? Read more here.

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UPDATE***Aretha Wilson pled “no contest” to a felony assault charge today. According to reports, Wilson could face up to four years of hard jail time to for slashing the actor with a glass at a Hollywood Hills party back in 2005.

It has been five years, but Aretha Wilson just may be getting what she deserves. Wilson will be going to trial for some possible punishment for slashing open Leonardo DiCaprio’s face at a house party held at Paris Hilton’s ex and sex tape partner, Rick Solomon’s home. So what if it has been five years!

Aretha Wilson is yes, a former model, but she apparently was not a big fan of DiCaprio back in 2005. So why oh why would Ms. Wilson take a cheap shot at pretty faced Leonardo?

Well now after an apparent altercation at a Hollywood Hills house party in 2005, Aretha had allegedly slashed open DiCaprio’s face with a drinking glass. Ouch! Following the incident, Wilson fled the country! According to the Los Angeles County prosecutor’s office’s description of events and Gossip Cop, Wilson had been “involved” with a friend of DiCaprio’s and “began shouting profanities.” When DiCaprio tried to calm her, she “only became more aggressive and agitated.” The end result? A messed up Leonardo DiCaprio’s face. According to TMZ, authorities have said that Leo “needed 17 stitches to close up his face and ear”.

Just last week, Wilson was taken into custody in Ontario, Canada. She has agreed to come back to the United States to face her legal trouble.

Apparently, Ms. Wilson has a bit of a violent past as just one year after she allegedly slashed up DiCaprio’s face, she also allegedly threw a glass bottle over her ex-boyfriend’s head. Perhaps Aretha Wilson will get to face Leonardo DiCaprio as rumors swirl that he may testify.

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10 Responses to “Aretha Wilson is Leonardo DiCaprio Slashing Suspect, Will Face Trial”

  1. 1
    LSH Says:

    Americans are such idiots. Ontario Canada? It’s like saying Texas USA. Ontario is prety big( bigger than Texas). She was Arrested in Toronto.

  2. 2
    ImFromEurope Says:

    If so Rico, tell me why your country goes bankrupt and the debts are rising in the eyes? Great prosperity… You can only envy…

  3. 3
    CDB Says:

    thanks LSH,

    americanos are somewhat ignorant, b/c they only see things from their perspective. maybe this reporter should fact check and check grammer (by the way) before going on their next blog ranting. also a little spell check would not hurt either. in spite of it all america is still a pretty cool place.

  4. 4
    Steve Morris Says:

    Hahaha, Leo rules in his latest movie. I wish I’d never seen Inception! It’s such a awesome movie that I think it ruined the chances for me to enjoy any other movie!

  5. 5
    Lolala7 Says:

    She is mental! Throw the book at her.

  6. 6
    Spanky Mcspankerson Says:

    Oh what a shock – a monkus did it!

  7. 7
    American Says:

    Hey LSH, Americans are not stupid. We happen to have an Ontario CALIFORNIA. We also have the same city names in different states and some cities are named after other countries so get over yourself. What a stupid thing of you to point out.

  8. 8
    Jeff Says:

    Like Canadians have bragging rights to anything besides hockey–Ha eh. Anyway, she’ll get a year or two. Reminds me of Naomi Campbell–a real prissy weird violent woman.

  9. 9
    Miriam Says:

    I adore Leo!

  10. 10
    Canadian Says:

    Americans are really dumb, no really they are. They should have said Toronto, Canada. LOL@Ontario California