Leonardo DiCaprio’s Donation to Haiti Earns Presidential Praise

January 25, 2010

I always knew Leonardo DiCaprio was a good man. Sure you saw him on the Hope for Haiti telethon answering phones and donating his time. But perhaps you were wondering if Leo opened up his wallet for those suffering in Haiti? Read more about Leonardo DiCaprio’s donation that earned him Presidential praise here.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is not only an A-list actor, but he is also a generous philanthropist. In a recent donation from his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, DiCaprio’s donation to Haiti has earned him Presidential praise. So how much exactly did DiCaprio dish out? It is said that the Titanic star donated a cool million. What a man!

Apparently President Bill Clinton thinks that DiCaprio is pretty damn generous. In a statement Clinton said, “I am grateful for the generous gift Leonardo DiCaprio and his Foundation have made in support of our Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Combined with the outpouring of donations from Americans and citizens around the world of all means, this support will go a long way to help save more lives, reach more people with emergency assistance, and help the Haitian people build their nation back stronger and more secure than it was before the earthquake.”

And hey, even President Bush had something to say about DiCaprio’s gesture as well, saying, “I salute Leonardo DiCaprio for his extraordinary generosity. This donation sends a clear message to the people of Haiti that America’s commitment to helping rebuild their country is strong. I thank Leo for setting a wonderful example for all Americans of helping a neighbor in need.”

Ok, ok, so Leonardo DiCaprio’s donation isn’t the only donation that is appreciated. But, DiCaprio’s generosity has motivated other celebs to do the same. Well, good job Leo and hopefully Leo inspires you to donate what you can as well.

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3 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio’s Donation to Haiti Earns Presidential Praise”

  1. 1
    Dorian Says:

    Thank you for pointing out that Leonardo is cut out for and standing for making a difference!
    Way to go, LEO!!!

  2. 2
    Farah Says:

    Hi Leonardo DiCaprio,

    I apreciate your effots for the donation to the
    Haiti relief fund.Leo is so great he is a good

  3. 3
    Shakazulu22 Says:

    Too bad the rest of the Hollywierd Elitest couldn’t grease their wallets like DiCaprio.

    Good on Leo!