Anna Kashfi is Marlon Brando’s Ex-Wife

January 24, 2010

Meet Anna Kashfi. She is Marlon Brando’s ex-wife. Together, they have a son and she is reportedly suing for wrongful death. Find out more interesting details and see pictures and a video here.

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Legendary actor, Marlon Brando’s ex-wife fights back and she means business!

As a biography, Anna Kashfi was born in Darjeeling, British India on September 30, 1934 so her age is 75. She is an actress but most-known for her marriage to actor Marlon Brando. She was most active in her acting career in the era of the 1950’s The following films she appeared in are: The Mountain, Battle Hymn, Cowboy, and Night of the Quarter Moon. She also made numerous television appearances like that of “Adventures in Paradise”. Substance abuse is blamed to have contributed to the end of her acting career. On October 11, 1957 she married Marlon Brando. Together, they welcomed a son, Christian Devi Brando in 1958. The couple later divorced in April of 1959 which resulted in a custody battle that Marlon eventually was awarded. In 1974, Kashfi married James Hannaford and she was later widowed by his death. Brando and Kashfi’s son, Christian Devi Brando, went on trial for the murder of his sister Cheyenne Brando’s boyfriend Dag Drollet. He plead guilty to manslaughter and was in prison from 1990-1996. At the age of 49, Christian Brando died on January 26, 2008 from pneumonia.

Where there’s a will there is a way! Kashfi reportedly filed a lawsuit against the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center for the care or what she explains, “reckless in providing medical care and monitoring” of her son, Christian. It is said that she deems the hospital at fault for his death caused by pneumonia.

Not only that, she is allegedly after Brando’s two other children, too! Christian’s mother is accusing Teihotu and Rebecca Brando for hampering her right to accommodate the remains of her son.

Apparently, she is not happy. It is said that Kashfi filed court documents on Friday, claiming “wrongful death” and reportedly, the amount of damages she is seeking is not yet specified.

It’s always a sad story when there are family ties seemingly unlaced. It appears that Marlon Brando’s ex-wife is bound and determined! Tell us your thoughts about Anna Kashfi in the comment box and see photos and film right here.

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    Michele Says:

    Good going mama and I hope you win a bundle!!!! This man died under suspicious circumstances and she deserves answers.