Joey Kovar is Celebrity Rehab Cast Mate

January 23, 2010

Joey Kovar’s Celebrity Rehab stint could be just the saving grace he needs. Learn about the reality star here, and see photos and video.

joey kovar

You may remember him as the burly guy with the wild hair from MTV’s Real World Hollywood. He didn’t even make it all the way through the season because of his intense struggle with drugs and alcohol.

Poor Joey actually entered that season of the show trying to abstain from drinking. I remember watching as he grew more and more frustrated with his roommates and their raucous partying. They seemed to have little concern for his situation, going out every night and drinking right in his face.

In their defense, it was the Real World, and any fool knows they spend most of their time going out. As you may know, he eventually cracked and went back to his old ways. He even admitted to doing cocaine one night while on the show—a night that ended with him nearly downing an entire bottle of wine on camera. That particular binge was actually frightening to watch.

Finally Joey Kovar realized he had to get out of the house, or it could lead to his demise.

Now he is getting another shot at life and reality TV stardom on this season of Celebrity Rehab. But the opportunities don’t end there: He has recently been rumored to be taking a stab at professional wrestling. TMZ reports that he is currently training with Jimmy Blaze of POWW Entertainment with the ultimate goal of landing a contract with TNA.

If he gets to that level, he would be nothing short of an inspirational success story. I hope it works out, because it was scary to see this guy at such a low point on national television.

Check out some photos and video related to Joey Kovar, Celebrity Rehab 3 cast mate below.

joey kovar

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