Rochelle Karidis is Backstreet Boy AJ McLean’s Girlfriend

January 23, 2010

Years ago I was obsessed with the pop group the Backstreet Boys. In fact, I secretly still am. And like any other boy band fan, I had a favorite member of the group that I longed to marry, that I had posters of in my room in which I would kiss every night before I went to bed and that I would dream of making babies with. Well, Backstreet Boy bad boy AJ McLean was my dream man. And now, all those dreams have been shattered. AJ McLean’s girlfriend Rochelle Karidis is the lucky beotch who has captured the heart of my tattooed peanut butter cup. Read more about their engagement here.

AJ McLean

It was AJ McLean’s 32nd birthday party bash in Las Vegas on January 9th and while the Backstreet Boy partied the night away with his girlfriend Rochelle Karidis, the Backstreet Boy had a surprise for his woman. On the stage of Hard Rock Hotel’s Wasted Space night club, the singer popped the question to Karidis not only shocking her but the people along for the birthday celebration.

A source told People magazine, “He got up on stage and the DJ turned the music off. He asked her to come up on stage and he got down on his knee and she squatted down with him. He asked her and she said yes and hugged him. He took the ring out of his pocket and put it on her hand. She seemed very surprised and didn’t seem to know why he was getting on stage. Even his friends were shocked. They all knew he was going to propose but didn’t think he would do it tonight.”

About popping the question to Rochelle, AJ told MTV, “I have had this on my mind for months now, and there was talks amongst me and some of the friends of mine, and actually, I kind if brought it up to [bandmate] Howie [Dorough] once before, as well as Nick [Carter], about possibly doing it on New Year’s,” he revealed. “I said, ‘No, I’m going to wait a little bit longer.’ Something clicked. We were having dinner at Nobu prior to it, and I was like, ‘I’m just done. I’m done, and this is the one, and she’s absolutely phenomenal.’ I [wasn’t] nervous that she’d say no. I was more nervous that she wouldn’t feel comfortable in front of a crowd. That was something else that I always wanted to do. I kind of had this childhood fantasy of, once I do propose, it’s just somehow got to be onstage. I just went up there and grabbed a mic.”

Well as the good sport that I am, I do wish AJ and Rochelle the very best on their engagement and upcoming wedding. He sounds happy and how could you not be elated with someone like Mr. McLean to spend your life with? Ok, maybe I am impartial, but whatevs. (Unfortunately he didn’t meet me earlier. Just sayin’.)

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