Jarrod Norrell Arrested at American Idol Audition? (Video)

January 21, 2010

I got all excited when I heard the headline ‘Jarrod Norrell Arrested at American Idol Audition.’ So I hunted down the video, and it is priceless.

Simon Cowell

Looks like this guy was caught with his pants on the ground when he refused to leave the audition room following a terrible performance. He gave an attempt at the classic ‘Amazing Grace,’ but the judges thought it was less than desirable.

I personally get a little tingle whenever the judges compare horrible vocals to lawn equipment. Kara did just that when she responded to his attempt as follows:

“Oh, good lord. What was that? Do you really think you’re a good singer…Honey, it sounded like a lawnmower.”

Randy, being the calm one, tried to be frank with him by simply saying: “Dog, the vocals, man. You can’t sing…”

So was Jarrod Norrell arrested? Well, not exactly. After his audition, he would not exit the room, and when security attempted to escort him out he got a little feisty.

A report from the local FOX affiliate stated that he actually tried to elbow one of the men, which led to him being forced to the ground by a group of security officers and an Orange County Sherriff’s deputy. He was then led out in handcuffs and given a citation for trespassing.

So Jerrod is free from his cuffs, and America is free from being subjected to his raspy, tone deaf vocals.

So far this season has been quite surprising. Everyone is quick to opine that the franchise may not have the luster it once had. That notion seemed to be reinforced following Paula’s departure and the news that Simon is moving on to another project.

Sprinkle in a little Larry Platt, a few stories that pluck at the heart strings, and a near arrest, and you’ve got the show that keeps on kicking. American Idol may not be what it once was, but this season has already had its share of headlines.

Check out the video of Jarrod Norrell, arrested or not, at the American Idol audition in Orlando below.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Chris Connor/Daniel Deme

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