Demi Moore Wanted Perfume Ads: Photoshopped or not?

January 18, 2010

So Demi Moore can almost be considered geriatric. Ok, so maybe not, but she is getting up there in age. With that being said, home girl is looking fabulous. And in a new ad campaign for Wanted perfume, Demi Moore may be the new face but she also seems to have gotten herself a new face. Read more about the alleged photo shopped Demi Moore Wanted ads below.

demi moore 1 2

Clearly Demi Moore takes care of herself. We’ve heard her say time and time again that she is natural. She hasn’t had Botox. She hasn’t had surgery. She just ages beautifully. Mmmhmmm. Well now I am hoping that these people who photographed and edited these Wanted perfume ad photos realize they may have chiseled a tad too much off her chinny chin chin because clearly Demi just can’t possibly look this flawless in person.

Check out the Helena Rubenstein Wanted ad featuring Demi Moore here. Many are saying this had to have been photo shopped. I wonder what Demi has to say about this particular Helena ad.

Rubenstein never really rang a bell until I saw Demi in this ad. In fact, I believe my grandmother wore this fragrance. Now while I can admit that Demi does look good for her age, is she pulling our legs? But most importantly should be even care? Is she using her flawlessness because she just may have possibly worn out her fame? C’mon, she started out doing soap operas and evolved into a movie starlet, but twenty years later it seems she is just known for her Twitter updates and magazine covers that make her look twenty years of age and flawless. Seriously.

Ok so maybe I am overreacting here. Maybe this isn’t Demi Moore? Maybe this is really Helena Rubenstein? What do you think about the Demi Moore Wanted perfume ads? Photo shopped or not?

demi moore 1 1demi moore 2 1demi moore 1 2

Photos: Nikki Nelson/

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