Joe Jonas Dating Rumors

January 17, 2010

So now that big brother Kevin Jonas is hitched and presumably no longer a virgin, will the other two JoBros find a woman to light their fire? If you are a teeny bopper who think you may not have a chance because Joe and Nick are taken, you are dead wrong. Let me be the bearer of good news for once. Those Joe Jonas dating rumors are just that…rumors.

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Those Joe Jonas dating rumors can be squashed. Apparently he is not dating Selena Gomez, nor is he dating any other Disney starlet. Well, at least he’s not admitting it. What Joe is saying though is that he is single and plans on staying that way for awhile. And if you didn’t know, he has been single for eight long months.

At the Critic’s Choice Awards on Friday night in Hollywood, Joe dished, “This is the longest I’ve ever been single actually. I love it. I still date and things like that but just not committed, which is nice.”

Though the Jonas Brothers have vowed that they are not retiring from the music business, Nick has moved on with his band Nick Jonas and the Administration, while Kevin gets accustomed to married life. So what is Joe to do? Well, my friends, he wants to act.

He tells People magazine, “I love to make people laugh. If I can make people laugh, then I feel good. For me, acting is something you’re able to be eclectic. That’s something that I would really like to be a part of.”

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