Tenley Molzahn: Pregnant Bachelor Contestant!

January 16, 2010

Is ‘The Bachelor’ contestant Tenley Molzahn pregnant? A recent promo for the show seems to suggest she is. Get the details here, along with photos and video.

no sex

What a wild ride this season has been. First we had the reports that Rozlyn Papa was getting it on with a producer named Ryan Callahan. Now we’ve got a contestant who claims she hasn’t been with a man since a recent divorce—yet she’s pregnant!

When pondering the hilarity of it all, I had a vision:

Being that she claims to have abstained since her divorce, could it be Immaculate Conception? Maybe ABC should air her delivery live, in a special hosted by Jerry Springer. The stage would be set up like a giant manger scene. It would include a visit from Jake Pavelka, Callahan, and her baby’s daddy dressed as the three wise men. The other contestants could parade around in various animal costumes to complete the picture.

…okay I’m back. Maybe I went too far, but what’s interesting about this particular ‘scandal’ is that the producers are milking it for all it’s worth. They must have seen the ratings bump that they got after the whole ‘affair’ that happened this time around. So rather than hide it and deny the ‘Tenley Molzahn pregnant’ rumors, they’re embracing it. How, oh so savvy of them.

All of the drama is set to unfold this Monday January 18th on the new episode of The Bachelor. I’m genuinely curious as to how good ‘ole Jakey will handle it. If she wins, would he be willing to marry Tenley + 1? That would truly test whether or not the relationships forged in the show are worth their weight in TV gold.

Check out a video related to Tenley Molzahn, pregnant Bachelor contestant below.

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