Joe Giudice is Teresa Giudice’s Husband

January 14, 2010

Joe Guidice is Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice’s husband. He earned himself a trip to jail this week. Get the story here, along with photos and video.

Teresa Giudice

You may remember Teresa as the one who flipped the table over during an argument with her co-stars several months back. Well, now it’s her hubby who is in the news. He wound up behind bars after getting into a minor accident this week in Monteville Township, NJ.

It all started when Guiseppe ‘Joe’ Giudice ran off the road and into a telephone pole. Once at the hospital he was asked whether or not he had been drinking, to which he reportedly answered ‘yes.’

That led to a charge of ‘driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, careless driving [and] failure to maintain his traffic lane.’ But that wasn’t the end of it. Once Monteville Township police were done with him, he was turned over to another department for outstanding warrants. This time it was the Clifton, NJ police department who had beef with him.

Perez Hilton reported that those warrants were for ‘a number of city ordinance violations.’ After playing musical jail cells for most of the morning, he was finally released on over $2,000 bail. We’ll have to wait and see what takes place when he gets his day in court.

I’m guessing he’s got the attorney clout to get himself out of this one without too much trouble, especially considering there is no indication of any priors on his record. Also, being that no one else was injured in the wreck, he should be safe from any trouble in civil court.

It still baffles me that people drink and drive—get a cab people.

Check out some photos and the video of Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice’s husband, trying to restrain her during the famous table incident below.

Teresa GiudiceTeresa GiudiceTeresa Giudice

Photos: Otero

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