Anthony Wheeler aka ‘Skiibosky’ is American Idol Scandal

January 14, 2010

A contestant named Anthony Wheeler, who goes by ‘Skiibosky’ is American Idol Season 9’s first scandal. Get the story here, and see photos and video below.

anthony wheeler skiiboski

Let’s just say this guy doesn’t fit the bill as the squeaky clean American Idol hopeful. He appeared on the second night of the show’s audition phase, which took place in Atlanta. Prior to singing in front of the judges, he could be seen doing some sort of back-bend in the aisle of the waiting area, and acting a tad bit arrogant.

Once in front of Simon and company, he tried his best to charm them, but of course they couldn’t get over his ridiculous nickname. After a brief introduction he began to sing ‘Heard It Through The Grape Vine.’ I hate to admit it, but Anthony Wheeler (Skiibosky) has a decent voice. He even hit the high notes without cracking. Mary J Blige actually broke out in applause as soon as he finished. He was moved on to the next round, and we’ll see him again in Hollywood….maybe.

After his antics drew considerable attention to him, people have apparently begun to do some digging. It turns out that our charismatic contestant has quite a lengthy criminal past. One outlet wrote today that he has been arrested up to five times! Five times!

According Radar Online, he has been taken in for drugs three times, battery, contempt of court, a probation violation, driving with a suspended license, and attempting to escape and providing a false ID. Sounds like he would fit right in to the world of show business!

During one of these incidences, things got pretty nasty. He was in the hospital after being arrested for a felony drug charge, where he admitted he had ‘ingested crack.’ Officers were apparently trying to get a urine sample from him, but he refused.

They warned him that if he wouldn’t comply they would have to use a catheter. That apparently didn’t sit too well with ‘Skiibosky.’ A struggle ensued, and he ended up being restrained with leather straps. He wouldn’t relent and was eventually tasered several times. They eventually got the sample they needed. He filed a lawsuit against one of the officers involved, but the case was dismissed on the grounds that they did what they had to do by law.

Sound like the kind of guy who deserves the title of American Idol?

Check out some various mug-shot photos and video of Anthony Wheeler aka ‘Skiibosky’ below.

anthony wheeler skiiboskianthony wheeler skiiboskianthony wheeler skiiboskianthony wheeler skiiboski

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2 Responses to “Anthony Wheeler aka ‘Skiibosky’ is American Idol Scandal”

  1. 1
    Bill Says:

    The most amazing thing is that someone actually did some digging. Unlike the American Idol Songwriting Contest.

  2. 2 Says:

    Finally something really interesting about the show…………who cares if he has a record…..most artists out there have one already……..saves him the trouble of trying to earn street cred later……