Antwon Tanner is One Tree Hill Actor

January 14, 2010

Antwon Tanner, aka ‘Skills’ on One Tree Hill is headed to the big house after being caught in a sting operation. Find out what he did here, and see photos and video below.

Antwon Tanner

The actor was popped back in August of last year for apparently selling Social Security numbers to the tune of $10,000. He was nabbed after making deals with an undercover detective.

He eventually pleaded guilty, but maintained all along that he was nothing but a ‘middleman.’ Sounds like this middleman took the fall, eh? Now Antwon Tanner is headed to prison for three years, which will be followed by 5 months of ‘home detention.’ Somebody better give the man an Xbox when he gets out.

What a bizarre crime for an actor to be involved in. I mean, we hear about DUI’s pretty much on a weekly basis, drug problems, and of course, the ever-popular domestic battery incidents. But selling social security numbers? A three letter acronym comes to mind…hmm what was it again, something that starts with a ‘w.’

So what caused a man with a regular gig on a CW show to stoop to such lows? His attorney points to financial troubles as the motivating factor, saying that the episode of ‘stupidity’ occurred after he ‘suffered financial reversals and lost a $1-million house in California to foreclosure.’

So far CW hasn’t booted him from the show completely, but the story appears to be gearing up to write ‘Skills’ out of the next season. The most recent indication is that his character, along with his buddy ‘Mouth,’ are moving out of Tree Hill to try their luck in California.

His prison sentence is set to begin this April. Hopefully he can learn from his mistakes.

Check out some photos and video related to Antwon Tanner below.

Antwon TannerAntwon TannerAntwon TannerAntwon Tanner

Photos: Halkidis

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