Andrew Fenlon’s American Idol Audition Video

January 13, 2010

Andrew Fenlon’s American Idol audition video is all over the web this week after he copped a major ‘tude with the judges, and managed to get under Kara’s skin. Get the story here, along with photos and video below.

Simon CowellKara DioGuardi

You have to love the audition phase of the show. You always get a laugh out of the fools who think they can sing, but sound more like a malfunctioning car. You may even tear up at the touching stories that some of the hopefuls bring along with them. But my favorite of them all is the people who come in with a salty attitude.

Andrew Fenlon’s American Idol audition video is a prime example. This young man sauntered into the audition room with his giant, black-rimmed hipster glasses, and a somewhat greasy head of hair. The opening exchange that he had with Simon was priceless:

Simon: ‘…why are you here, Andrew?’

Andrew: ‘I’m here auditioning for American Idol, (it) should be fairly obvious at this point.’

Hah! I loved that quip, but it gets better. Simon tried again in a different way, asking him what ‘brought’ him to the audition. Andrew grew even more flippant, saying: ‘I don’t think it’s that interesting of a question, actually.’

I like this kid. Of course, Simon went on to warn him that he could leave if he didn’t stop being a wise guy. Rather than take the advice, he continued. When asked what song he intended to sing, he told them ‘House of the Rising Sun, do you know that song?’ The video cuts to Victoria Beckham and Kara who have a horrified look on their faces (priceless).

He finally begins his audition, which wasn’t really all that bad. After getting the song off of his chest, Kara basically asks him what his problem is. It turns out that good ‘ole Andrew was all fired up over waiting all day. This got apparently miffed Victoria and Kara, who gave him a piece of their mind before he was sent packing (you’ve got to see it in the video below).

Simon eventually admitted that he kind of liked Fenlon. I think they have a lot in common, only one of them is a multi-millionaire.

Check out Andrew Fenlon’s American Idol audition video below.

Simon CowellKara DioGuardi

Photos: Eddy

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