Casey Johnson 911 Call Audio Released (Listen)

January 9, 2010

The Casey Johnson 911 call audio has been released, which paints a clearer picture of the state the heiress was in when she was discovered. Get the story here, along with photos and video.

Casey Johnson

The audio is chilling, and features a calm, collected woman describing the situation in a matter of fact way. I’m not implying that she was apathetic, but the call lacks the hysteria that was present in many of the recent celeb emergency calls that we have heard lately. I’m guessing it is probably because she wasn’t related to the heiress.

The Casey Johnson 911 call audio starts off with: “Yeah, the emergency is that I have somebody who I believe has just died in my guest house…so I need somebody right away.” She continued, “I have two other people here with me and we all think she’s dead.”

Wow, lady. I mean, how many dead bodies have you found in your life? Is this a normal occurrence for you? The tone of her voice is a lot like one of the actors on CSI when they discover a “DB.”

She goes on to tell the operator that the body is that of a 30-year-old female, and that “she’s ice cold and her hands are turning blue.”

That sentence really highlights the notion that she died a very lonely death—especially considering that authorities stated she had been deceased for days before being found.

Worse still, the operator asks if the caller is able to move her at all. The woman replied that she was already stiff. How awful. Soon another woman from the emergency center is on the line asking about the possibility of suicide.

The caller responds: “Oh, I don’t know if it’s a suicide…maybe she died (unintelligible)…it’s possibly not a suicide…very often her medication gets all screwed up so it’s probably because of that.”

Most observers have already conjectured that her death was because of her struggles with Diabetes. Officials have yet to confirm that assumption, though, as the results of further testing have yet to come in. May she rest in peace.

Listen to the Casey Johnson 911 call audio below, and check out some photos and video.

Casey JohnsonCasey JohnsonCasey JohnsonCasey JohnsonCasey JohnsonCasey Johnson

Photos: Halkidis

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One Response to “Casey Johnson 911 Call Audio Released (Listen)”

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    stacey Says:

    That right there, is stone cold. I have been facinated with this ladies death for some reason, even though Id never previously heard of her. This is too sad, but Tila Tequila none stop involvement, makes the whole sorry mess even sadder