Johnny Messner is Brandi Glanville’s Boyfriend

January 9, 2010

Actor Johnny Messner is Brandi Glanville’s boyfriend, and let me tell you, she’s hoping it makes Eddie Cibrian jealous. Get the story here, along with photos and video.

Johnny Messner

Everybody knows the story by now: Eddie Cibrian supposedly left his wife Brandi for LeAnn Rimes. They did it Brangelina style—another more desirable partner comes along, and BOOM—he was out of there. This had to leave Brandi with a bitter taste in her mouth.

So what’s a scorned woman to do? Well, find a hunky new man to parade around with, of course. That new man is Johnny Messner, a relatively unknown actor who has only had a few minor TV roles to speak of.

His status on the lower echelon of Hollywood hasn’t stopped Brandi from trying to rub it in to her estranged hubby Eddie. P-Nasty wrote today that she has been bragging to her friends that her new man is a beast in bed—even better than Eddie was.

I personally think Cibrian is wrecking CSI: Miami. His over polished style is not rough enough around the edges for that kind of show. It’s the same problem I used to have with Delco’s character. Those two don’t capture the pulse of Miami at all; they’re too ‘Hollywood.’

With that said, it seems to me that Brandi has traded up. Ending up with a tougher guy who usually lands action roles is probably a welcome change from Eddie’s squeaky-clean, soap-opera looks. After all, deep down every girl wants a bad boy.

If only we could arrange a celebrity boxing match between these two. Now that would be good television.

Who do you think is the better choice of Glanville? Give us your thoughts in the comments section.

Check out some photos and video of Johnny Messner, Brandi Glanville’s boyfriend below.

Johnny MessnerJohnny MessnerJohnny MessnerJohnny Messner


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78 Responses to “Johnny Messner is Brandi Glanville’s Boyfriend”

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  1. 1
    hmmmm Says:

    Personally I doubt she cares what EC thinks.

  2. 2
    cbme Says:

    Don’t you think this is all for Eddie’s benefit? Maybe we should ask him what he thinks – is that what the ex would like to know? He’s cute, but isn’t she a bit old for him?

  3. 3
    hmmmm Says:

    Don’t think she care’s one bit what he thinks.
    You just can’t handle the fact she didn’t curl up and go away. Good for her.

  4. 4
    michelle Says:

    Brandi is 36 and HOT! Johnny is 39 and HOT! Let it be.

  5. 5
    why? Says:

    So what does that make Leann since she keeps taunting Brandi everyweek? Leann’s “friend” (aka Leann) bragged to In Touch that LR is more sexual with EC than she was ever with DS. So you see it is EC and LR who are rubbbing things in people’s faces. If I didn’t know any better we can conclude that EC stages these photo-ops with Leann because he is the one scorned. That is what his kiss with LR was all about, Eddie just can’t believe that Brandi didn’t take him back and has found someone who doesn’t use kids to shield themselves from the public’s backlash so he is going to make her pay by staging photo-ops. Leann was a desirable partner for Eddie because she has MONEY. Leann opened this can of worms. If EC and LR are so happy, why does LR spend the majority of her time tauting BG?

  6. 6
    cbme Says:

    I think the ex cares what Eddie thinks. Some people have the attitude “I am the best there is; you left me for someone else?” Sometimes we find that this attitude isn’t as large to everyone else as it is to us.
    Michelle, she looks older than he does – now let that be!
    LeAnn and Eddie going on with life isn’t taunting anybody. Oh, I would have bet, just looking at her pictures, that she wasn’t going to curl up from anything.
    The sooner you get it in your head that you have been left and that isn’t going to change, the better off you will be. Everybody loses once in a while. Get use to it.

  7. 7
    hmmmm Says:

    Your wrong as usual Genius. BG seems to be moving on and wonderfully I might add. You seem to have a problem with that. I wonder why? Didn’t you want her to move on and be happy? You seem to have preached that on other site’s. LR has no prize that’s for sure.
    Maybe you should run along to the x17 site and go defend LR celulite.

  8. 8
    cbme Says:

    I wish the ex much happiness; I just don’t think you get there by trying to blame everyone around you because you are in short supply of some things!! LeAnn thinks she has a prize and that’s what counts. Maybe, Eddie isn’t accustomed to being thought of as a prize. Part of the problem?
    Don’t tell me where to run or I will tell you where to put it. You see, I am tough the way you THINK you are. A little celulite isn’t nearly as bad as a vindictive heart – you can’t get rid of that at all, can you? Only takes a little celulite to make you happy huh? Well, she is young and has time to get rid of it; you don’t do you?

  9. 9
    michaela Says:

    hmmmmmmm is UNMISTAKEABLY “betty” trying to fool us into thinking it’s abc/gwn by using initials and the word taunting. bet…you’ve got to ramble and repeat yourself more if you’re trying to imitate abc.

    The venomous quality gives it away as bet – every time.

  10. 10
    cbme Says:

    Michaela, Betty isn’t who I think it is; this one is too smooth and has better use of the English language than Betty. Acts like she knows how to be a bully. No, I think I know who it is.

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