Tammie Renell Hawkins is Suge Knight’s Ex-Girlfriend

January 9, 2010

Tammie Renell Hawkins is Suge Knight’s ex-girlfriend and she is apparently now seeking child support for their four and a half year old son. Find out more details and see pictures and a video here.

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Suge Knight’s ex-girlfriend is filing for child support even though it is said that the former Death row CEO supposedly has a despicable income.

As a biography, not much is known about Tammie Renell Hawkins. She is the mother of their son Taz Maree.

Reportedly, Tammie Renell Hawkins filed papers for child support in a Los Angeles County Superior Court for their son Taz Maree Knight who was in May of 2005.

Supposedly, Hawkins is believed to receive approximately $312 a month for their son because Knight is assumed to make about $1,207 a month.

This is not the first time that Knight has been taken to court relating to his children. Singer Michel’le Toussaint sought child support last year for their daughter. The couple were married for a short while and she took him to court seeking more than $40,000 in spousal support and also asked a bankruptcy judge to make sure he maintains his $13,000 monthly payments that she obtained by her divorce.

Just a few days ago, Knight was pulled over by Los Angeles police for allegedly not stopping at a stop sign. Apparently he was stopped by law enforcement in Beverly Hills at around midnight earlier this month. It is reported that Knight was very cooperative and was given a ticket.

Knight is known to have other children by other mothers. And even though Tammie Renell Hawkins is Suge Knight’s ex-girlfriend, she obviously is the next baby’s mama who is looking for some support! Tell us what your think of the former CEO of Death Row Records in the comment box, also see photos and a film right here.

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