Snooki Sex Tape Video

January 8, 2010

This is just what the Jersey Shore needs, a Snooki sex tape video. Rumors have been flying around the net, but is it true? Find out what Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has to say and see pictures here.


Well it seems that there may actually be a Snooki sex tape, but not one that you will ever get to see, if Snooks can keep it from going public forever.

Snooki, told Life and Style that she did film some activity with some guys, surely they had to be “juiced guidos with a blow out,” but it was long before the Jersey Shore, and she certainly isn’t taking the alleged $3 million offer for it either.

“I don’t want people to watch me doing that. It’s a private thing.”

She also Tweeted,

To clear this up..I Do Not have a sex tape & i 100% DECLINE the offer for 3 million for one as well…..Freaks,

But…if we know the industry, and whose sex tape haven’t we seen, it is only a matter of time till that video hits the net. Either the demand will be so high someone will “leak” it, or someone’s 15 minutes will start to fade and someone will “leak” it, if it truly exists.

Snooki may not be the only one with a naughty nude video. Ronnie, the one who just got arrested, also confessed to doing the deed on tape. But he swears he deleted the evidence. Sammi Sweetheart better hope so, no one wants to see their man boinking some other girl all over the internet.

I have to admit, watching this train wreck of a show is my guilty pleasure. I just can’t turn it off. It doesn’t help that it’s the only show MTV plays anymore.

So people what do you think? Are you looking for the Snooki sex tape video? Check out pictures and video below and leave me your thoughts in the comment section.

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Photos: M. Barraza

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