Artie Lange’s Suicide Attempt Was Horrific

January 7, 2010

Artie Lange’s suicide attempt is among the most disturbing to hit the news lately. Get the story here along with photos and video.

Artie Lange

It was first reported that he was hospitalized this week, but the details were unclear. We now have confirmed reports that it was in fact a suicide attempt, and the details are unbelievable.

The NY Post reports that the man best known as Howard Stern’s sidekick actually stabbed himself nine times in an attempt to take his own life. His mother apparently stopped by his Hoboken, NJ apartment where she found him covered in blood. That’s when she made a panicked 911 call, which most likely saved his life.

There were a total of nine stab wounds discovered on his body, three of which were considered ‘deep plunges.’ The other six are being called ‘hesitation wounds.’ His life was spared after emergency room surgeons were somehow able to prevent him from losing too much blood.

Howard Stern alluded to Artie Lange’s suicide attempt on the air this week, but didn’t go into detail. He did say, however, that Artie was not removed from the show, and that his month-long absence was simply a hiatus. He also reminded listeners that Artie contributed greatly to the show and that he was a valuable member of the crew.

You may recall that a few months ago Artie was arrested for DUI following a minor car wreck in New Jersey. He eventually pleaded guilty to the charge of ‘driving under the influence of a habit-producing drug.’ The comedian claimed that he was drowsy from sleeping pills he had taken the night before.

Let’s hope he can make a swift recovery and get the help he needs to maintain a healthy life.

Check out photos and videos related to Artie Lange’s suicide attempt below.

Artie LangeArtie LangeArtie LangeArtie LangeArtie Lange


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