Susie Ogren: Tiger Woods’ Ecstasy Use?

January 7, 2010

Susie Ogren’s Tiger Woods ecstasy allegations easily top the list of wild claims made against the golfer. Get the story here, along with photos and video.

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Before I continue, it’s worth mentioning that this story first ran in the National Enquirer. It could very well be on the same page with a story entitled ‘Bigfoot Caught In Steamy Affair With Prime Minister’s Daughter.’ But hey, some of their stuff has actually been verified in the past, so here we go.

Susie Ogren claims a friend of Tiger’s approached her while she was working at a Rio Secco Golf Club in Vegas back in ‘99. She says she ended up having a private dinner at the MGM Grand hotel with the golfer and a few of his friends.

After dinner they apparently gambled a bit, she said:

“At one point he went off to play blackjack at the VIP table and dropped $60,000 in 15 minutes…Then we went to Studio 54 in the hotel and took a booth in the VIP area.”

That’s when she claims Tiger Woods’ ecstasy use was revealed. She says a friend of his produced the ‘little white pills,’ and that it was part of an attempt to seduce her:

“I’m sure Tiger was hoping it would turn me on so he could get me into bed, and he took the pill so casually that it seemed to me he was used to doing it.”

Ogren says he stormed off angrily after realizing she wasn’t going to sleep with him that night. She claims they dated for a while afterwards, but that they weren’t actually intimate with each other.

So do you believe Susie Ogren’s Tiger Woods ecstasy claims? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below. I’ve also included some related photos and video of below.

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