Jennifer Lopez’s Elle Photo Shoot

January 6, 2010

Jennifer Lopez’s Elle cover looks gorgeous! The beauty graces the pages of the February 2010 issue where she gives quite an insightful interview where she dishes on her movie roles, and in vitro fertilization. Read about it here and check out photos along with video!

Jennifer Lopez Elle

Jennifer Lopez is just an amazing artist. She is a triple threat meaning she can sing, dance, and act. And surprisingly she does all three really well. It is no surprise that this Latina beauty is still rockin’ as a triple threat artist, even after giving birth to a set of twins!

For the February issue of Elle Jennifer talks about in vitro fertilization, her movie roles, and competing in the music business. Here is a bit of her interview for you to enjoy.

On why she never considered in vitro fertilization, like her character in The Back-up Plan: “When it comes to family and relationships, I’m quite traditional. Just because of the way I was raised. And I also believe in God and I have a lot of faith in that, so I just felt like you don’t mess with things like that. And I guess deep down I really felt like either this is not going to happen for me or it is. You know what I mean? And if it is, it will. And if it’s not, it’s not going to.”

On the merit of her romantic comedies: “I think Maid in Manhattan and Monster-in-Law are very layered movies. And that’s why they’re so successful. People don’t like shitty romantic comedies. Nothing that’s shitty is going to make $100 million.”

On hosting a dinner for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor: “She didn’t realize what she was going to symbolize. And it’s always scary to be thrown into it-that’s what I felt like when I did Selena. You’re thrown out there, and all of a sudden you’re not anonymous. You are now known. And that’s a lot to handle. It’s scary at first. Then you get used to it. And so she was in that moment of her life where it’s just like, What the hell? Everybody’s clapping for me. People are writing about me, talking about me, I’m on TV. She was just a judge in New York.”

On competing with twenty-something pop idols as a 40-year-old mom: “This is what I do–what, because I have kids and a husband now I’m not supposed to be me? I’m a more heightened me if anything. Hyper J.Lo. Everything I wanted before, I want twice as much now. And that doesn’t mean material things; it means to explore more, to think more. Being an artist doesn’t start because you’re 21, and it doesn’t end because you’re 51. You are who you are until the day you die.”

So readers what do you think about Jennifer Lopez’s Elle issue? You can read more about her interview plus see pictures here! Tell me in the comment section below after checking out the photos and video.

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Photos: Devorah

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