Nadya Suleman’s Doctor Accused of Gross Negligence

January 6, 2010

Before I start ranting about the Octomom’s doctor, let me just say, have you seen Nadja Suleman lately? Hot diggity dog! Home girl is looking fierce and fabulous! Ok, onto the juice. Michael Kamrava, Nadya Suleman’s doctor, just may have himself in some deep doo doo. Read more here about his gross negligence charge.

Nadya Suleman

In an ongoing saga and reality show mania, the Octomom just won’t go away. Suleman is like Jon Gosselin’s hair plugs, they just won’t stay put. She will be in the media spotlight at least for a bit longer as now Michael Kamrava, Nadya Suleman’s doctor, is finding himself in a bit of trouble. Gross negligence, anyone?

The California State Medical Board is saying that Kamrava’s medical license be suspended due to gross negligence. But Nadya is saying oh-no-you-dih-ent Medical Board. She exclusively tells, “He did nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing wrong.” Mmmhmm.

However, the Board is saying that because of the number of embryos Kamrava used each time Nadya received in-vitro fertilization and for initiating a fresh cycle of oocyte retrieval (egg) when there were previously frozen embryos to be used, he was being negligent. And of course, this whole process resulted in the octuplets being created.

The Board is also saying that instead of Suleman using frozen embryos, a fresh cycle was initiated, which is a big fat no-no.

Another reason for the gross negligence accusation? The Board is saying that Nadya should have been referred for a mental health evaluation first before dished out these fertility treatments. Suleman says, “I’ve never heard any of that before and that’s their subjective use…My children are here and whatever happened in the past I can’t worry about.”

Her first treatments were issued back in 1997. Kamrava, Nadya Suleman’s doctor, has yet to respond to this gross negligence accusation publicly.

Nadya Sulemannadya suleman

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