Casey Johnson: Suicide Not Likely

January 6, 2010

More information about the death of Casey Johnson is being released publicly. These reports are always so damn confusing to me. While reports are saying that a suicide is not likely, the possibility of an accidental overdose is not to be ruled out. And with a history of diabetes, she could have been neglecting her health.

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TMZ is reporting that while the L.A. County Coroner’s office has no evidence Casey Johnson took her own life, the possibility of a prescription pill overdose is not to be ruled out. Apparently Johnson’s body showed no evidence of heart disease, liver, kidney, vascular or other obvious problems, so say law enforcement officials. Nothing has been mentioned about a possible diabetic coma. Could it be that Johnson was simply neglecting her health by ignoring her diabetes?

TMZ is also saying that the doctor who performed the autopsy reported that there are “no anatomical findings”. Ok so that was the autopsy report. What will the toxicology report say? I’m thinking that report will be what will tell us how she passed so unexpectedly.

The odds are that Casey Johnson’s death was an ordinary, everyday celebrity overdose. Given her druggie/drinking/partying lifestyle, there’s a high probability that the cause of death was as such. But, I also wouldn’t rule out the fact that perhaps she took her own life, slowly, by not taking injecting herself with insulin. Wouldn’t that be classified as suicide? It will be interesting to see what the toxicology reports say, but until then, we have to assume a Casey Johnson suicide was not likely. It could be up to four to six weeks before those reports are revealed to the public.

What are your thoughts on Casey Johnson’s death?

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One Response to “Casey Johnson: Suicide Not Likely”

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    Cher Says:

    Soooooooooooo SAD…..What a tragic ending for such a lost soul…may she find PEACE and happiness….