Tiger Woods Sex Tape Unconfirmed!

September 29, 2010

Those of you who have been waiting for a Tiger Woods sex tape to erupt, we may be closer to one than we initially thought. Well, with 92923948 mistresses, there has to be at least one out there of Tiger getting jiggy with it. And Devon James is claiming that she has the goods. Read more here. I know you want to.

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Ok peeps, the time may be here for an unveiling of a Tiger Woods sex tape. Rumor has it that someone is shopping around to get some spicy footage of an alleged Woods out to the porn industry for some big bucks and that woman is said to be alleged mistress Devon James. And, Vivid Entertainment is in the market for that saucy tape.

Head honcho of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch, tells TMZ that “a woman approached him two weeks ago, claiming she had a sex video of Woods. She said it was shot approximately “two years ago.” And get this, Hirsch tells TMZ his people have seen 30 seconds of the video. But, the video does NOT confirm that it is really Tiger on the tape.

There is one big fat problem with this whole Tiger Woods sex tape release idea. Tiger’s lawyers will get you if you try to put out nude photos or videos of the golf great. So basically, good luck with getting permission from Tiger Woods on the distribution of that footage because you are going to need Woods’ signature.

The thing is that the woman claiming to have Tiger’s one-eyed willy allegedly on film is also the woman who claims she was pregnant with Tiger’s baby. See sexy photos of Devon James here.

Sadly for those of you who are anticipating a glimpse of Tiger’s wood, it more than likely is NOT going to happen unless you are a previous alleged mistress, a potential lover or a bathroom stall neighbor. Just sayin’. Would you watch a Tiger Woods sex tape? C’mon now, be honest.

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