Woody Johnson is Casey Johnson’s Father

January 5, 2010

It is both shocking and tragic news for the Johnson family as they are dealing with the loss of their daughter, sister, friend and family member, Casey Johnson. One person who is not taking the death well is Woody Johnson, Casey Johnson’s father. Read more here.

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As a biography, Woody Johnson, Casey Johnson’s father, was born Robert Wood Johnson IV in New Brunswick, New Jersey on April 12th of 1947, which makes him to be 62 years of age. Johnson’s father was Robert Wood Johnson III, who was the president of Johnson & Johnson for four years.

Not only is Johnson actively involved in charitable organizations, but he is the owner of the NFL football team, the New York Jets. Woody married Suzanne Ircha in 2009, with whom he has two children. Johnson has three daughters from a previous relationship with socialite Sale Johnson.

After hearing of his daughter Casey’s death, Woody went from a joyful place, after just celebrating the Jets’ triumphant wild card berth in the NFL playoffs Sunday night, to one of deep despair.

A spokesman for Johnson said, “The Johnson family is mourning its tragic loss and asks for privacy during this very difficult time.”

On Monday, Casey was found dead in her California home, allegedly days after she died. It is being said that Casey’s body was found by her maid. LAPD spokeswoman Sara Faden said, “A toxicology [investigation] will be pending through the coroner’s office.”

A friend spoke about Casey’s death, stating that her parents did not know how to help Casey straighten her life out, other than a bit of tough life by cutting her off from her trust fund. The friend said, “Of course, the drinking and drug-taking didn’t help. She was active in raising public awareness about juvenile diabetes. But, she abused her own body…They (her parents) supported her lifestyle for a long time, but, lately, they’d been keeping their distance from her, trying to show some tough love. But I’m sure they’re devastated and racked with guilt.”

What a sad, sad ordeal. Our thoughts go out to Woody Johnson and the rest of the Johnson family.

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