Michael Lohan Releases Video of Ex snorting cocaine

January 4, 2010

Michael Lohan, the king of douche bags, is at it again. In a revelation to the world, Michael has started to play dirty with his now ex-fiance Erin Mueller. Today Michael Lohan releases a video of his ex snorting cocaine. Yep. Classy. Read more here.

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Michael Lohan loves to keep himself in the spotlight whether he is being a douche bag or not. For him, any attention is necessary for him to breathe. And yes I realize I am adding fuel to the fire by writing about him, but I can’t help myself. This guy is utterly ridiculous! So here is the latest. Instead of his daughter, Lohan is now exposing his ex-fiance Erin Mueller by releasing a video of her snorting cocaine. His objective? To prove this Erin chick is in need of help for a drug problem.

In the video, which has been recorded without Mueller knowing, Erin is seen pushing up a rolled note up her nose before snorting a white powder that appears to be cocaine. Last week, Erin filed a pretty intense court statement by claiming that Lohan physically abused her at least over twelve times over the last two years, including an incident in which he allegedly kicked her in the vagina. This week, it’s Mike’s turn as he unveils this video which shows Mueller allegedly snorting up some coke. Man this guy has a video vault like no other!

Don’t people understand that they need to stay away from this guy unless they want their every private move recorded on video and then used later for black mail? Sheesh. I’m not saying that snorting cocaine is appropriate, but it appears to me that just hanging out with Michael is lethal in itself.

Check out Michael Lohan’s video of his ex snorting cocaine here.

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