Rihanna’s ‘The Last Girl On Earth’ On Shelves In June

January 4, 2010

It must be the year for all things Rihanna. Not only has she dropped a new album, “Rated R” that is charting success, but she is revamping her image to be hard, tough and fearless. In addition to moving on from her non-stop negative tabloid coverage in 2009, Robyn Rihanna Fenty is adding an author to her resume this year. Rihanna’s ‘The Last Girl On Earth’ will land on book shelves in June of 2010. Read more here.


Rihanna is putting the horror of 2009 behind her. With numerous interviews stating that she is moving on from last year’s Chris Brown beat down, the songstress is focusing on her music and other business endeavors. There is no doubt that with an already successful “Rated R” album release, a tour is in the works that will be sure to draw tons of fans. (I’ll be one of them.) But, in addition to Rihanna’s music, she’s adding “author” to her resume as well. Rihanna’s The Last girl On Earth will hit book shelves in June of this year, but will it be worth purchasing?

When I heard about Rihanna’s new book, I thought this could be a truly fabulous idea and a chance for her to get closer to her fans. However, do you want to know the real deal here? Rihanna isn’t writing anything (or so we hear), besides a deposit slip for her bank account.

So what exactly will be included in this book? According to a source, the hardback will be heavy on photos and was written by the Barbados-born singer and Simon Henwood, the artistic director of her upcoming tour. So 144 pages of Rihanna photos and a biography-type book written by someone else? Eh, I think I’ll save my $50 for something else…perhaps that Snuggie I never did get for Christmas.

What about you? Will Rihanna’s ‘The Last Girl On Earth’ book be on your must have list?

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