Stephanie Beacham is Celebrity Big Brother Contestant

January 4, 2010

Former TV star Stephanie Beacham will join this year’s cast for Celebrity Big Brother 2010. Read her biography here, along with photos and video.

Stephanie Beacham

Americans may recognize her from the hit TV soap opera ‘Dynasty,’ where she played the strong-willed character Sable Colby. Her run on ‘Dynasty’ made a real name for herself in the United States in the 1980s.

The 62-year-old is now recently divorced and enjoying life as a grandmother between her homes in England and Hawaii. Sounds like the perfect pick for the gig on Celebrity Big Brother, eh?

Last week it was announced that Beacham would join the cast, which includes the likes of Pam Anderson, MC Hammer, and Heidi Fleiss to name just a few. I’m guessing she will bring some wisdom and experience into the hectic mixture of personalities.

So far she has made quite an impression on her cast mates. According to The Guardian, Ms. Beacham didn’t even bother to stand for introductions in the opening episode this weekend. She was ridiculed her for having such an air of superiority being that she hasn’t been on television in two decades, save a quick stint on Strictly Come Dancing.

Ego aside, I’m a fan, if only because of her love of dogs. Stephanie Beacham is herself partially deaf, and is a major supporter of a charity called ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.’ The charity sums itself up as such: “(A) British charity that trains and places canines with persons who are deaf or hard of hearing at no cost.”

This season promises to be a big one for Celebrity Big Brother, will you be tuning in? Who is your favorite cast mate? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Check out some photos and video of Stephanie Beacham below.

Stephanie BeachamStephanie BeachamStephanie BeachamStephanie BeachamStephanie BeachamStephanie BeachamStephanie Beacham

Photos: Maher

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