Lady GaGa News: Flowers Hit Lady GaGa in Head (Video)

January 1, 2010

In the latest Lady Gaga news, the Poker Face singer was hit in the head with flowers by an over zealous fan at her Atlanta concert on December 29th. See the video plus photos here.

Lady Gaga

The video of Lady Gaga getting hit in the head with flowers during her Atlanta concert has gone viral, but luckily the lady did not get hurt.

She was a trooper, and even though she was hit in the head while dancing and performing her Poker Face mega hit, she was of course ever the professional, straightened her hat and finished the performance. Rock on, girlfriend! Check out the video below of the flower incident at the 1:04 mark.

Just how did Lady Gaga ring in the New Year? She performed by the pool at the Fontainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach. She tweeted yesterday morning:

Two shows, about 13 outfits, 15,000 little monsters, and sticky champagne, and I don’t care if its miami I’m still wearing leather

Florida humidity + leather = totally uncomfortable, if you ask me!

Some Hollywood peeps came out to see the Bad Romance singer, as Kevin Connolly, Hayden Panettiere, Chace Crawford, Stacy Keibler and J.C. Chasez were seen at the swanky resort to watch her performance.

Tomorrow, January 2nd, she’s set to perform her second show at the Knight Center in Miami (the first was right before her Fontainbleu appearance) and will hit Orlando on January 3rd for a concert at UCF Arena.

What else has she been doing while in Miami? Apparently she was seen topless with a mystery man atop the Fontainbleu Hotel roof. Hmmm. I wonder who that could be?

So that pretty much sums up the latest Lady Gaga news. You can see more pictures below. Flowers hit Lady Gaga in the head at one minute four seconds in the video below.

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga

Photos: Aaron D. Settipane/,

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2 Responses to “Lady GaGa News: Flowers Hit Lady GaGa in Head (Video)”

  1. 1
    karen Says:

    Who is this woman? Never heard of her and after seeing and hearing her on the Jay Leno show, it is indeed a disappointment.

  2. 2
    steve Says:

    I think she is another in a string of entertainers who needs more clothes and talent.