Most Viewed Youtube Videos Of 2009!

December 31, 2009

Historians often study art, architecture, and religion to gain cultural insight. But in the age of social media, the zeitgeist of this past year can likely be summed up with the most viewed Youtube videos of 2009. Check out the top four here.

Susan Boyle

Unless you spent 2009 somewhere near the Earth’s core, Susan Boyle‘s rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ ran its hand across your heartstrings. A frumpy Scottish woman stood bashfully on stage at Britain’s Got Talent, told the judges she was from a ‘sort of collection of villages,’ then began to peel the paint off the walls. Eye rolling turned to complete astonishment, and an unlikely star was born. At nearly 85 million views, Subo’s BGT performance is by far the most viewed viral video of the year.

Perhaps the best way to chalk up 2009 is with the simple question: “Is this real life?” or even “Is this going to be forever?” Some may have even asked: “Why is this happening to me?” Granted, the cute kid from ‘David After Dentist’ wasn’t making profound cultural observations, but the popularity of a home video shot by his father certainly does. In the few minutes he spent shaking off the anesthesia from a dentist appointment, a befuddled David tries to make sense of the altered world around him. Doesn’t that concept just smack of 2009? With close to 45 million views, David’s post-dentist antics have easily become the viral Internet humor sensation of the year.

Jill and Kevin Heinz didn’t wait until the reception for their first dance. They didn’t even wait until they were formally married. This couple choreographed an entire dance routine with their wedding party, and has now made their way down the aisle nearly 37 million times on Youtube. In the ‘JK Wedding Entrance Dance’ video’s 5:10 run time, your eyes may tear up while your shoulders bounce with laughter. 2009’s most famous wedding party even made their way to the Today show for a live reenactment—but nothing can beat the original.

The battle waged between Team Jacob and Team Edward was one of this year’s most intense. Worldwide anticipation built as fans desperately waited for a glimpse of the second gem in the Twilight menagerie. New Moon promised to stay truer to the novel than the first film, and bloodthirsty fans literally tore the Internet apart searching for the trailer. What’s most impressive about this viral video is that it garnered nearly 25 million views in a wildly short period of time. What took the other three videos on the list several months to achieve, the official ‘New Moon Movie Trailer’ did in a matter of weeks. In the biggest resurgence in teenage literacy since the Harry Potter books, Stephanie Meyer struck gold. Months after the film’s release, the trailer still stands in the top four of this year. Enter the new age of vampires.


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One Response to “Most Viewed Youtube Videos Of 2009!”

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    Kelly Camp Says:

    I just want to say that I have a passion for Vampires Suck. Ever since it was announced, I have been eagerly waiting for it to come out! I nearly died when I had to wait after I saw the trailer, I can’t wait to catch what is going to happen in the picture! Xoxo