Luciaetta Ivey is Phil Ivey’s Wife

December 29, 2009

Luciaetta Ivey is Phil Ivey’s wife…but not for long. The poker phenom and his wife filed for divorce three days before Christmas. Get the story here, along with photos and video below.

Phil Ivey

The couple, who had been married since 2002, called it quits this year in a joint filing. The official paperwork was filed on December 22 in Nevada court. There are no children involved so there won’t be any custody issues to deal with. What I’m wondering is, did they arrange any kind of prenuptial agreement?

That’s because Phil Ivey has been raking it in ever since becoming a professional poker player. His earnings are estimated to be somewhere in the $12 million range! Cha-ching! In fact, TMZ reports that his dominance at the poker table has earned him comparisons to Tiger Woods.

So far though, there aren’t any stories of Phil laid out in the middle of the street drooling with his car smashed into a fire hydrant. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Looking for a Luciaetta Ivey biography? Well, there actually is not very much available about her online other than the obvious fact that she was married to Phil Ivey for about seven years.

One thing I was able to dig up is that she appears to be politically involved. Several sources indicate that a woman by the same name who resides in Las Vegas made various campaign contributions to candidates seeking congressional seats. Most of the donations were made in $2,300 increments and were distributed back in 2007.

Hey, if you can afford it, why not help put people in office who share your persuasions. Now one thing is for sure, she is a single woman.

Check out some photos and video related to Phil Ivey and his wife, Luciaetta Ivey below.

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