Adam Senn is Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend

December 28, 2009

Adam Senn is Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend, at least that’s the rumor this week. Reports have come out saying that Lindsay even brought the hot male model home to meet mom. Read more about Adam and check out photos and video here.

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Has Lindsay Lohan finally moved on – with a man? Rumor has it that the actress brought home model Adam Senn for Christmas, where he met her family – minus dad of course.

He even hung out at Lindsay’s sister Ali’s 16th birthday party at Abe & Arthur’s. Dina reportedly really likes Adam and thinks he is good for her daughter.

Meanwhile Michael Lohan also has to put his two cents in saying,

“If he’s a good guy and he has no addictions, and he’s a good influence on her, then God bless him. It’s a good thing.”

So it seems that at the very least Adam has the family’s approval. But Socialite Life brings up a scary subject. Page Six has an interesting blind item that we hope isn’t relevant to this story.

Which male model is regretting he got carried away with a certain starlet? He succumbed to her aggressive seduction, didn’t use protection and now worries he may have contracted an STD.

Nice. Merry Christmas!

As far as a biography on Adam Senn, here is what we know from snooping around the net. This sexy male model was born in Paris, France, on April 10, 1984, but he was raised in Bridge City, Texas. He is six-foot-two and straight out of high school he moved to NYC to pursue modeling. Right off the bat renowned fashion photographer Mario Testino recognized his talent and snatched him up for the 2003 spring/summer Gucci campaign. The exposure and controversial campaign put him on the map and he then did a Valentino campaign. In that same year he also did campaigns for Boss, Italian Vogue, Maxim, Tetu, and Dutch Men’s Magazine.

So people, please enjoy some of Adam’s very sexy videos below, along with a few pictures of Lindsay and tell me your thoughts on Adam Senn, Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend!

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