Brooke Mueller’s 911 Call Audio

December 28, 2009

Brooke Mueller’s 911 call audio has finally hit the net. I’ll bet you can guess which ‘new media’ outlet got a hold of it first. Listen to the call here, along with photos and video below.

charlie sheen mugshot

The details surrounding Charlie Sheen’s arrest for suspected domestic abuse have been in flux for several days now. The most puzzling of which has been Brooke Mueller’s apparent change of heart. The most recent reports indicate she does not desire to press charges—a common occurrence in cases of this nature. However, that may not stop the District Attorney’s office from pursuing the case.

Today, TMZ has obtained Brooke Mueller’s 911 call audio, which offers an insightful glimpse into the alleged kerfuffle between her and her husband. In the recording, you can hear what appears to be a very distressed Brooke telling the operator that she is in fear of her safety.

She goes on to describe the scenario as it unfolded. The operator carefully documents each detail, which included the widely published claim that some sort of lock-back or foldable knife was involved—originally described as a switchblade in the tape.

Another widely reported detail is that the melee is being considered an ‘alcohol related incident.’ Charlie Sheen’s BAC at the time of his arrest was only a .03, whereas Brooke’s was a .13. It’s hard to tell whether or not she sounds hammered, upset, or both in the tape. One thing she keeps repeating is something like ‘I have to file this report…’

One thing is for sure—they got the party started early. It was only 8:34AM on Christmas Day when the call was placed. Were they still up from an all-nighter, or had they woken up early to mimosas? I guess that’s their business.

According to multiple sources, the couple will seek marriage counseling and make an attempt to work through their issues. I hope it works, because let’s not forget there is a set of adorable twins in the mix.

Listen to Brooke Mueller’s 911 call audio here, and check out some photos and video below.

Brooke Mueller Charlie SheenBrooke MuellerBrooke Mueller Charlie SheenBrooke Mueller Charlie SheenBrooke Mueller Charlie SheenBrooke Mueller Charlie Sheen

Photos: 47/Chris Connor/Nikki Nelson

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