Lorraine Tighe is Former Apprentice Contestant

December 27, 2009

Meet Lorraine Tighe is former “Apprentice” contestant. If her time spent on the show wasn’t challenging enough, she could go blind by the glaucoma that she suffers from. Find out more blind-siding details and see photos and a video here.

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The divorced, mother of two shares her fears of someday, not being able to see her children grow up.

As a biography, Lorraine Tighe was born in London, England and is 37 years of age. She currently lives in Beckingham, Kent and is a single parent of two girls, Lauren, 9, and Alexia, 5. Her ex-husband is Theodore Apostolov. Her parents names are James and Loretto Tighe. She attended Rathowen N.S. At the age of 16, she quit school and worked in sales as a National Accounts Manager.and went to the Loretto College in Mullingar. There was controversy regarding her father Jim Tighe involving unpaid taxes in lieu of approximately an $8 million investigation including his failed business domain. He currently is pending bail on an appeal for the Irish Supreme Court concerning his extradition back to Britain. Although Lorraine did work for her father’s offices from 2000-2003, she claims she did not engage in her father’s books. During her run on “The Apprentice” it was a challenge to get her team members to listen to her perspectives and in the weeks 5, 7, and 10, she was in the bottom three. She has won the most tasks on the show with six wins. She placed fourth on “The Apprentice”.

Reportedly, the former Apprentice contestant says there is no explanation for why she suffers from glaucoma. Glaucoma is defined as having unusually high pressure of fluid inside the eyeball that can cause afflicted vision and blindness. It appears that heredity is a good assumption and that people who have glaucoma in their family history should obviously have their eyes checked regularly.

It is said that Lorraine’s grandfather suffered blindness in his 20’s. She says that her parents do not wear glasses, however, she has worn glasses since she was four years of age and has terrible near-sighted vision. She happily reports that her two daughters have excellent vision.

After numerous and various testing of Tighe’s eyes, she consulted with one of the country’s finest leading centers, the Optegra Eye Hospital in Guildford, Surrey. Unfortunately, there is nothing more doctors can do. An operation could cause more damage.

We wish the former Apprentice contestant, Lorraine Tighe, the best! Leave us your thoughts in the comment box and see pictures and a film here.

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