James Cameron is the Avatar Director

December 24, 2009

Well, James Cameron is the “Avatar” director, however, he just may be NOT a fan of…fans? Find out more bad-mouthing details and see photos and a video here.

James Cameron 1

It appears that James Cameron was NOT in “Christmas Spirit” when a fan approached him for an autograph.

As a biography, James Francis Cameron was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada on August 16, 1954 so his age is 55. He presently is a film director, producer, and screenwriter. His parents are Phillip and Shirley Cameron, she is a nurse, he is an electrical engineer. As a child, he grew up in Chappawa, Ontario where he attended school in Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls at Stamford Collegiate. In 1971, his family moved to Fullerton, California. In 1973, he then attended Fullerton College and majored in philosophy. While there, he would visit the film archive of the University of Southern California. He later dropped out of college and proceeded in various jobs including trucking and writing. After Cameron saw the the first “Star Wars” movie in 1977, he quit trucking and pursued a career in film industry. With his science background he integrated art and science which he created a 10 minute science fiction script with a couple friends that he titled, “Xenogenesis”. Together, they rented a camera, the film stocks, lenses, studio and shot the clip in 35 mm. Cameron started to educate himself and started working at Roger Corman Studios as a miniature model maker. He would learn more effectively and efficiently when working on fast, low-budget films. In 1980, he was an art director in the sci-fi film called, “Battle Beyond the Stars”. In 1981, he worked with the special effects work design and direction on a movie called, “Escape from New York”. Also, he was a production designer of “Galaxy of Terror”. In 1982, he worked with the consultations on the design of the film “Android”. His first directorial job came on the project for the sequel of “Piranha” called, “Piranha II: The Spawning”. Cameron was initially hired on as the special effects director until the original director left and he took over. He most notably known for the movies under his direction in the following: The Terminator, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies, Titanic, to currently, Avatar. Cameron has married five times including: (1978-1984) Sharon Williams, (1985-1989) Gale Anne Hurd, (1989-1991) Kathryn Bigelow, (1997-1999) Linda Hamilton, (2000-present) Suzy Amis. He has a daughter with Linda Hamilton. With Suzy Amis, he has a son and two daughters. He has grossed about $1.2 billion in North America and $3.2 billion world-wide. Cameron has recently taken an interest in documentary filmmaking and co-development of digital 3-D Fusion Camera System. He used the Fusion Camera System technology with the movie “Avatar” that was released in theaters on December 17, 2009.

Tis’ the season to be jolly, just may not have been the tune the Avatar director was singing. TMZ reports that at the Los Angeles airport, a happy-go-lucky fan of his, attempted to get an autograph from Cameron for his latest new flick!

According to reports and video, mind you, it is said that Cameron walked right by a die-hard fan requesting the Avatar director to sign his poster! But Cameron said, “I don’t owe you a f—ing signature!” Oh, snap!

Then if that wasn’t enough, the fan was clearly hurt by Cameron’s attitude, and attempted a second time to get an autograph, but this time getting this reply, “I don’t owe you a f**king signature … just get out of my f**king personal space.” Okay, man, why can’t you just give him a freaking signature?

Well, the fan decided to give him a piece of his own mind and said, “I’m an a**hole because I ask someone I admire for their autograph that makes me an a**hole? I make $15-an-hour at work to go see your film and I’m an a**hole?” I agree with you, fan! Way to dish it right back!

You give us your thoughts on the way that the Avatar director, James Cameron behaved. Maybe he should pursue acting? Leave your comments in the comment box and see pictures and a film here.

James Cameron 2James Cameron 3James Cameron 4
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Photos: FayesVision/www.wenn.com, www.wenn.com

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6 Responses to “James Cameron is the Avatar Director”

  1. 1
    Matt Says:

    Most people just get signatures to sell them.

  2. 2
    Brad Says:

    It has never been disputed that James Cameron is never going to win a humanitarian of the year award, his attitude is well documented. however, he is a master of his craft and I believe some respect is due the man when referring to his past accomplishments.

    George P. Cosmatos was responsible for Rambo: First Blood Part II, James Cameron only wrote it. While Cameron tried for years to win the rights to the Spiderman film franchise, studio in-fighting prevented anything being made. Cameron eventually gave up and Sam Raimi went on to direct all 3 Spiderman films. Dark angel was a television series that Cameron developed but didn’t direct, and “Black Angel” is actually titled “Battle Angel” and is based on a popular japanese Manga.

    I fully support first amendment rights to publish news of this nature, but there is no excuse for not checking your facts before posting your piece! And if that wasn’t bad enough, the grammatical errors in your biographical segment are blatant signs of laziness. Hell, just writing this comment I got alerts when I was misspelling something! I’m hoping you just copied/pasted this whole thing, and I truly hope you are the actual owner of this website and not an employee, because if you aren’t the owner, posting crap like this can get someone fired, and on Christmas even…. *sigh*

    look, it’s an acceptable story, just stop being lazy and start putting a little effort into your reporting!

  3. 3
    Grey Pilgrim Says:

    @ Matt- So the freak what? It doesn’t change the fact that it would have taken Mr. Cameron all of 5 seconds to sign this guy’s photo or whatever and make his holiday in the blink of an eye. Lord knows Mr. Cameron’s holiday season has already been made, because millions of fans like this guy are using their hard earned money in these difficult times to go see and subsequently make his latest movie his latest success.. What a freaking douche bag James Cameron is if he really did this, if I was the fan I would have told him I had some mistletoe in my back-pocket, and to kiss my hairy white ass!

  4. 4
    Hisatarah Says:

    I saw the film and thought it was well done and deserving of awards…but after seeing the footage of James Cameron’s interaction with this fan I truly hope that he personally does not win anything. UNBELIEVABLY arrogant, rude, ungrateful, truly an A-Hole performance. Its put me off so much that I won’t recommend the film to family and friends.

  5. 5
    Grey Pilgrim Says:

    @ Biff- I hear what you are saying and I agree, to an extent. You see to me at this point in the evolution of cinema/Hollywood, celebrities KNOW what they are getting into when they pursue this life/career path, or else they are freaking morons living in a cave if they do not realize the scope of what being a celebrity, and MAINTAINING the public’s interest in them, entails these days.. And so that, combined with the fact that he is making more money in a year then I will ever see in a lifetime, makes me a little less likely to feel any kind of symphony for poor widdle Jamesy-poo and his bad day.. He could have TOLD the fan he was having a bad day, or that another time he would be happy to sign but now was not a good time, whatever, but he didn’t, he acted like an asshole in this instance, and if he is a person just like anybody else, then he should be subject to the same unwritten societal laws of common courtesy as everybody else..

  6. 6
    Grey Pilgrim Says:

    *Sympathy* (I blame it on the Eggnog) ;p