Elin Nordegren’s Custody Battle

December 23, 2009

Will Elin Nordegren’s custody wishes come true? Some say that she may try to become the sole custodian of her children when they file for divorce. Get the details here, along with photos and video.

Elin Nordegren

It appears that she may be waiting for a while before actually filing for divorce. Obviously the word is that she has lost trust in Tiger so she wants out, but their separation would leave the couple’s kids hanging in the balance.

In the meantime Tiger is apparently going to check himself into rehab for his reported ‘sexual addiction,’ and even for his alleged misuse of prescription drugs. So far, it doesn’t sound like that is enough to placate Elin.

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….back to the Tiger Woods’ kerfuffle. I know everybody is just about tired of hearing about it by now. Hopefully once they work out a divorce it will be out of the news for a while.

Until then, check out a video about the supposed Elin Nordegren custody battle below.

Photos: www.wenn.com

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