Pete Doherty is Arrested

December 21, 2009

Yes, it is true. Pete Doherty is arrested, again. The British singer and frontman for the band called, “Babyshambles” was present at his DUI hearing, however, reportedly arrested for drug possession immediately following. Find out more details and see photos and a video here.

Pete Doherty 1

The 30-year old “Babyshambles” front-man, Pete Doherty was present at his hearing for an alleged DUI in Gloucester Crown Court but was apparently arrested and brought to a local police station for Suspicion of Possession of a Controlled Substance. For some reason, I am not surprised.

According to a representative for Gloucestershire Constabulary, this source affirmed, “A 30-year-old Wiltshire man has been arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a controlled substance. He is currently assisting police with their inquiries.”

A witness said that as Doherty was being searched, a plastic baggie fell out as the singer emptied his pockets. It is said that the security man picked up the clingfilm wrap and identified it as “little blue crystals”. Apparently, he contacted police and it is reported that approximately six officers arrived to arrest Doherty after his hearing was finished.

Stemming from an incident that took place earlier in June, Doherty plead guilty to the charges of careless and drink driving and is ordered to pay £2,050 in fines and banned from driving for 18 months. Little did we know, that the singer actually received a free “out of jail” card by the judge.

It appears that the court became aware that the singer had 21 past drug offenses and 6 past driving-related offenses but no convictions for driving.

Note to self: Probably not a good idea to have drugs on your person when presenting oneself in a courtroom nor try and pass security a free man…good try, though!

Tell us what you think about the fact that Pete Doherty is arrested…again! Leave your thoughts in the comment box and see pictures and a video right here.

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