Taylor Swift: AP’s Entertainer of the Year 2009

December 23, 2009

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift has had quite the impressive year. Sure there have been a couple of not-so-fabulous moments that do come to mind. Kanye West, anyone? Well besides that divalicious Kanye moment, Taylor’s year has undeniably been fierce. It should come as no surprise that AP’s Entertainer of the Year pick of 2009 goes to Taylor Swift. Read more here.

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Taylor Swift has been selected as the Associated Press’ Entertainer of the Year for 2009. So what does this honor mean for the young country superstar?

Well, Swift was chosen by a survey of editors, producers and AP members. Remember last year’s pick? That was Tina Fey. And the year before? That was Stephen Colbert. So what an honor for 20 year old Swift!

One of the editors on the team, entertainment editor for Stars and Stripes newspaper Danielle L. Kiracofe, said ,”In a time of ‘made’ musicians, she writes her own songs and has her own sparkly style. She’s managed to do all of this with grace, class and poise – and without uttering a swear word, dancing on a pole or wearing next to nothing. At the age of 20.” Hmmm, I wonder who she could possibly be referring to with that jab?

Style editor for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Ellis Widner threw in her two cents saying, “She defines crossover appeal and would seem to be a strong business model in a declining music business. And to her fans, she’s the real deal. On MySpace and in her songs, she wrote what she felt and sang about her experiences.”

Swift said about her honor, “I am so honored and so excited. This was so unexpected, and I could not be more grateful.” Well that’s all fabulous and all, but I’d really like to hear a different acceptance speech from this chick. She has the Grammy awards to prepare for as she is up for eight awards.

2010 should be an even brighter year for country swooner Taylor Swift, AP’s Entertainer of the Year.

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