Gigi Levangie is ‘The Starter Wife’ Author

December 20, 2009

Gigi Levangie, author of ‘The Starter Wife,’ is in the news this week because of some drama with her boyfriend’s ex-wife. Sound complicated? We’ll sort it out for you here, along with some photos and video.

Gigi Levangie

TMZ reports that Gigi Levangie has filed for a temporary restraining order against the ex-wife of her current boyfriend. The order was filed to protect herself and her children. So what led to the legal filing?

According to reports, Gigi was at her son’s school when the unnamed woman approached her. That’s when things got a bit ugly. Gigi claims she was physically attacked in front of her son, and pushed around. In the December 14th incident, the woman apparently also yelled ‘How can you date that deadbeat?’ The very next day the paperwork was filed.

Funny, if he’s such a deadbeat, why would you care who he’s dating? Oh well, I suppose logic is not in play here. Anyway, Gigi says the run-in at the school wasn’t the first incident, and that she was being harassed by her for up to nine months prior.

Want to know more about Gigi Levangie? Well, as I said earlier she pennedThe Starter Wife,’ but she also had a really famous hubby at one point. Her ex-husband Brian Glazer is a big-time producer in Hollywood. The two divorced earlier this year, and it sounds like Gigi made off pretty well.

The terms of their divorce went something like this: Gigi was given a $4.5 million payment, along with having the rest of her house paid off ($8.7 million). She didn’t quite get as much as she would have liked, but will still take in $40,000 a month in child support.

It’s amazing that she needs more money a month in child support than most American families earn in a year!

Check out some photos and video of Gigi Levangie below.

Gigi LevangieGigi LevangieGigi LevangieGigi LevangieGigi Levangie

Photos: Nelson/Judy Cortes

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