Stephanie Pratt’s Maxim Photo Shoot

December 18, 2009

Stephanie Pratt’s Maxim pictures certainly aim to be sexy but I am not sure I am feeling them. Sure she is a gorgeous girl, and she looks great in boyshorts, but does the whole look work? Check out pictures and video and see for yourself.

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Stephanie Pratt is featured in the upcoming issue of Maxim. She certainly is a beautiful girl, with a killer body, as you can see in the gallery of bikini pictures, and long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. But she seems to almost try too hard in these photos.

You can check out a full gallery of her Maxim photo shoot here, and see for yourself. Maybe it is just because I find the whole open leather jacket and cigarette trashy, because there is no denying she has a killer body. And some of her pics are hot, but something is off. It’s strange, cause I really love her on The Hills! The video I posted below from behind the scenes of the Maxim shoot made up for it a ton, so be sure to check it out!

She did give a great interview where she opened up about being Spencer’s little sister, The Hills, and love. Her is a bit from the interview!

Was it fun to do this shoot and not be the little sister for once?

Even in high school it was, “Oh, you’re Spencer’s little sister.” When we got on TV it was, “We hate Spencer’s little sister because she’s related to Spencer!” I’ve never had my own name, so this is exciting.

A lot of people think The Hills is fake. Can you confirm that all the juicy melodrama is legit?

None of us have studied acting. We can’t cry on the spot. My brother really didn’t talk to me for eight months because I went to Lauren Conrad’s birthday party! I think all of us have had the feeling that it would be easier to be on a scripted show.

Has TV helped your love life?

Ugh. The guys in L.A. are so awful. I feel like I know half of them, and the other half I don’t want to know. They’re all wearing Ed Hardy shirts and trucker hats that say female body inspector. But I’m not looking for someone. I do not want to find my Mr. Right at 23.

Stephanie Pratt’s Maxim issue hits stands in January of 2010. Check out her pictures, including the bikini photos below along with a sexy video from behind the scenes of her shoot, and leave me your thoughts!

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Photos: Nelson/Andres Otero

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