Sharon Murphy is Brittany Murphy’s Mother

November 10, 2010

It was reported earlier today that actress Brittany Murphy died unexpectedly. As tidbits of information are slowly being revealed to the public it will be quite some time before we find out what exactly was the cause of her death. Sharon Murphy, Brittany Murphy’s mother, is said to have been the one to find Brittany unconscious. Read more here.

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UPDATE***Almost a year has passed, since the death of Sharon Murphy’s daughter Brittany Murphy. To commemorate her daughter’s legacy, she pens a tell-all book in remembrance of her beloved. Read more about her story below!

As a biography, Sharon Murphy is Brittany Murphy’s mother who was born of Irish and Eastern European descent. Sharon was married to convicted mobster Angelo Bertolotti, but divorced him after Brittany turned just two years old. When Brittany turned fifteen years of age, Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer and survived after having a double mastectomy. There is not a whole lot of biographical information regarding Sharon, however we will update you as we find out additional facts.

In sad sad news, it is being reported today that actress Brittany Murphy passed away. The even more devastating news is that Brittany’s mother Sharon Murphy is said to be the one to have discovered Brittany unconscious.

Sources tell TMZ that Brittany Murphy’s mom discovered her unconscious in the shower. When the paramedics arrived, they quickly determined Murphy was in full cardiac arrest and they proceeded to immediately administer CPR. Even though they continued CPR in route to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Brittany was unresponsive. At the hospital is, the Clueless actress was pronounced dead.

Our hearts go out to those who loved Brittany. Her friends, her fans and her family I am sure are completely devastated. I cannot imagine how Brittany Murphy’s mother Sharon must feel. Losing a family member is hard enough, but to lose a child? So, so sad.

But what better way than to honor Brittany with a book that details who her daughter truly was? Her mom Sharon says:

“This book will be my way of celebrating and honoring her extraordinary life and career. Brittany was a kind, loving person who enjoyed each day; she was my life. I am looking forward to everyone reading the accurate account about my daughter, her life, loves and career.”

It is said that some of the book sale proceeds will be donated to charity. Wow, sounds very moving!

Be sure to stay tuned for the release date of her tell-all biography. You may leave your thoughts in the comment box. Also, see photos and a video below!

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3 Responses to “Sharon Murphy is Brittany Murphy’s Mother”

  1. 1
    Tania Says:

    I cannot believe my best actres in the WORLD has passed on! Its the worst news of the year! Brittany I would’ve loved to see you in many more movies! I loved your unique way you spoke, communicated with your hands and you just made me laugh when you laughed! You were the greatest teen actress, the greatest role model, and we all just loved you to bits! My heart goes out to your family, friends and fans!

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    Poor woman! what a great loss

  3. 3
    john Says:

    just another drug addict