Tiger Woods Film: Tiger’s Wood Movie!

December 18, 2009

It will be a movie that is sure to garner some attention, especially with the number of mistresses Tiger is up to now. What is it 292938? Anywho, there will be some big time stars generated from this one, of that I am sure. Yep, I am talking about a Tiger Woods porn film, y’all. Rumor has it that the movie is set to be called…wait for it…Tiger’s Wood! Movie details here.

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Well it was bound to happen with Tiger’s infidelity and his many mistresses and with a last name like Woods, there couldn’t be a better name for a porn movie. The Tiger’s Wood porn flick is set for release in January of 2010 and will include some x-rated escapades that will surely embarrass the golf superstar even more than he is already at this point in his life.

And if there is someone to cash in on this troubled marriage other than Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren, it will be the porn industry. The movie is called Tiger’s Wood and you better believe that roles will include busty actresses playing the parts of Elin Nordegren, celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred and alleged mistresses Rachel Uchitel and Jaimee Grubbs. Yes, I said Gloria Allred. Will Gloria turn out to be one of Tiger’s mistresses? Oh, the possibilities!

Actor A-list porn star Tyler Knight will play the part of Tiger and fellow adult star Kayden Kross will play Elin in the flick.

Tiger’s Wood is being produced by Adam and Eve Pictures and is set for a release in January.

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