Jersey Shore’s Snookie Punched (Video)!

December 18, 2009

The video of MTV’s Jersey Shore star, Snookie getting punched has gone viral. The girl practically gets knocked out, and people are searching the net trying to find it after the show aired tonight. We have the video here along with pictures so look no more.


MTV’s new reality show Jersey Shore has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, but nothing like the video of Snookie getting punched. The horrific footage shows Nicole Polizzi’s head snapping back, as Brad Ferro hits her in the face.

The reason for Brad hitting Snookie is still unclear, and he claims he doesn’t remember doing it. According to several reports, he had just been cut off from the bar, and took her drink. Seems like more of a reason for her to get upset, than for him to punch her. She is just sitting there, and sure she may be talking smack, when all the sudden his fist comes flying at her face and she flies to the ground. It is disgusting! She practically gets knocked out, I am shocked she didn’t need to seek medical attention. She is a tiny girl, and the dude’s hand is almost as big as her head.

There were reports that MTV was not going to air the footage, but it seems not only that they did, but they also used it as a promo for the show. That seems to be upsetting people more than anything. Now the video has gone completely viral. We have a repeat version of it below, which I must say is disturbing. And if you want to see a bit more of what happened before and after you can see a more complete video here.

Check out the “Snookie getting punched” video along with pictures below and tell me your thoughts in the comment section. What do you think about the whole incident? Are you upset that MTV played the footage? Do you think it was for ratings and if so did it help?


Photos: Cortes

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2 Responses to “Jersey Shore’s Snookie Punched (Video)!”

  1. 1
    noir Says:

    you honestly think the footage is disgusting but you are willing to link it so others can see…now tell me that’s not for ratings

  2. 2
    Gary Says:

    I dont know what the big deal is with her. Shes always been fat, is fat and always will be fat. She needs to quit acting like shes so friggin hot. Shes pathetically large for no taller than she is. She is the last ho at the bar at closing time that I would take home.