Ashton Kutcher’s The Beautiful Life YouTube Channel

December 17, 2009

Ashton Kutcher and his show The Beautiful Life may have not gotten a chance on the CW network, but that sure as heck is not stopping Kutcher from exposing the show to the public. As the Twitter King of the world, it would almost be predictable that Kutcher would use the latest technology to get his way so that his show could live on. And it does…via the web. Take that, CW! Check out Ashton Kutcher’s The Beautiful Life YouTube Channel here.

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After just two airings, the CW network ended The Beautiful Life’s show with three additional episodes having never been aired. So what’s a proud papa of a show to do? Well, my friends, big papa Kutcher has officially transformed his show into a web show that now has its very own web link. It’s called The Beautiful Life YouTube channel!

Starting today, Thursday December 17th, 2009, Kutcher feels as if he is starting a revolution by bucking the 15 to 20 minute webisodes and offering 40 minute episodes via YouTube. He tells Reuters, “What we feel like we’re doing is creating, in some ways, an industry first. A show that couldn’t find its legs on television, we believe can find its legs on the Web.”

Ashton does have his very own production company and created The Beautiful Life as a show that takes a peek at the behind-the-scenes life of the modeling industry. And honestly, the show isn’t that bad. If it only would have had a chance!

So what exactly happened to the network television show? Well according to viewership, The Beautiful Life tanked with 1.5 million viewers and 1 million for the second episode. And so, it got the big fat axe.

And, Kutcher seems to believe that increasing the audience size on YouTube would help the show land some sponsors that would assist in funding future web episodes for all those Beautiful Life fans.

If you want to check out Kutcher’s The Beautiful Life, you can check out the first couple of episodes and the the third one that we all didn’t get to see on YouTube now. Two more episodes will be available on Monday, December 21st.

Concerned about commercials and being interrupted that way? Well forget about it peeps. A big fat thanks goes out to Hewlett-Packard for supporting the show and allowing it to show the 40 minutes of content without commercials. I’m sure Mischa Barton is thrilled her acting abilities will be showcased for all to see thanks to her buddy Ashton. Will you be watching?

You can watch Ashton Kutcher’s The Beautiful Life YouTube channel here.

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