Josefin Nordegren is Elin Nordegren’s Sister

December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren has had a rough couple of weeks with her hubby’s revelations of trouble of keeping his one-eyed snake from slithering out of his tighty whities. But in all seriousness, even though we do not know everything about their marriage, Tiger was surely in the wrong. Big time. At least Elin has had the support of her family through it all as I can’t imagine how humiliating this must be for her. Read more about Elin Nordegren’s sister, Josefin Nordegren here.

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As a biography, Josefin Nordegren is Elin Nordegren’s sister who was born on January 1st in 1980, which makes her to be twenty nine years of age. Josefin and Elin are, in fact, twin sisters. Josefin and Elin worked odd summer jobs and as cashiers in supermarkets. There is not a whole lot of information about Josefin, but we will update as we learn more about Elin’s twin sister.

While plans to leave Tiger are pretty imminent, Josefin along with their mother Barbara have invited Elin and the kids home for the holidays to escape the media.

A source tells People that Elin is taking the kids and traveling to her homeland Sweden for the holidays. “Elin is going to Sweden soon. Two stewardesses and one pilot are in Sweden with the plane now getting it ready to come pick them up.” Good, home girl needs to get away!

The whole family was going to travel to Sweden in January, but because of the recent media drama, the plans have changed. For updates of the Tiger Woods divorce, keep checking back for updates!

Clickhere to see photos of Josefin Nordegren, Elin Nordegren’s sister. Keep supporting your sista, Josefin! Elin needs you most at this time.

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