Adam Lambert’s SYTYCD Performance Video

December 16, 2009

Adam Lambert’s SYTYCD performance video is bound to be out of control. Anyone who saw his controversial appearance at the AMA’s knows he’s got flair. Get the story here, along with photos and video.

Adam Lambert

The season 6 So You Think You Can Dance finale is on tonight! Last night the contestants had a chance to show their stuff in a last ditch effort to win it all, and tonight the final six dancers are going to have their last appearance in front of the judges.

On top of all of the excitement over who will emerge victorious, Fox has thrown in some wild performances. We’re talking J. Lo, Mary J Blige, Leona Lewis, and of course, Mr. Adam Lambert himself. It’s obvious that he is the big headliner of the night. I have feeling people will be going crazy to find Adam Lambert’s SYTYCD performance video. We’ll have it here as soon as it is posted.

You have to wonder whether or not the producers sat Lambert down to have a talk with him after his wild, crotch grabbing, man-on-man tongue kissing extravaganza at the AMA’s. I can imagine how that conversation may have gone: “So… Mr. Lambert, do you plan to simulate oral sex on stage? Or can we just keep it PG.” Or “Have you learned how to walk now, or will you be doing another tumble?”

The other thing I wonder is whether or not he was booked for SYTYCD prior to the AMA’s. Sure, sure, he was fab on American Idol, but any fool knows that he is a controversial artist right now. I’m willing to bet people who could care less about the dancing competition will be tuning in just to see what he’ll do. You go Fox!

Anyway, we’ll have the Adam Lambert SYTYCD performance video ASAP. Until then I’ve thrown in some photos of him below.

Adam LambertAdam LambertAdam LambertAdam LambertAdam LambertAdam Lambert

Photos: Daly/PNP

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12 Responses to “Adam Lambert’s SYTYCD Performance Video”

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  1. 1
    Bruce Says:

    What a garbage article. Hopefully you do not call yourself a journalist. You give the whole process of reporting a BAD name.

  2. 2
    Tim Says:

    I agree with Bruce.

  3. 3
    Dorena Says:

    Stupid. Adam will be singing a vulnerable song – he will be doing a vulnerable performance. You don’t get him. He’s a performer/actor. With the AMA’s he was acting out a song that has S&M lyrics – the only one like that on his cd. BTW the cd is amazing!

  4. 4
    Tagrid Says:

    What a ridiculous, snide bunch of tripe. You don’t deserve to be writing anything. Find another job. The AMAs were a MONTH AGO! Everything that needed to be said about Adam’s performance was said WEEKS AGO! You’re just trying to keep the controversy alive, when even all the networks have moved on. Adam’s performed on TV at least a half dozen times since then. You should feel VERY foolish – cuz you ARE! Wow! His performance was SO “wild” “out of control” “over the top” – yeah – right. It was beautiful! BTW, after that FANTASY BS conversation you should be hanging your head in shame!

  5. 5
    Amanda Says:

    He has an evil feel to his music, ungodlike. I am sorry but this is totally and undeniably DISGUSTING!!!!

  6. 6
    James Says:

    Wow, sounds like the writer got the exact response she wanted to get. She managed to piss of the already tender Glambert die-hards. I thought the article was witty and sarcastic. Grow up guys, Lambert doesn’t even write his own stuff.

  7. 7
    mariana Says:


    What is wrong with you ! Adam was simply “OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD” . Everything was PERFECTION! THIS GUY OUTSHONE EVERYBODY ELSE on many levels: voice, interpretation, charisma, style, stage presence. ADAM IS THE WORLDWIDE PERFORMER OF THIS YEAR!

    Were you smoking funny things during his performance or you are PLAIN IDOT?

  8. 8
    AngelsFire Says:

    James grow up and get your facts right, Adam co-wrote 4 of the songs on his album and he has written alot of songs that could now be on his next album, it’s about writing truthfully not bashing like a dim witted idiot

  9. 9
    mary Says:

    so Amanda you don’t like adam lambert but you came here to see the performance, that is the idea, that what he is looking for. Adam again, Adam always, he is the best, I love the look, the voice, everything.

  10. 10
    mary Says:

    It is ironic how christian or whatever ofended people are, they still are looking for Adam, they do not like ungodlike and disgusting things but they are every day looking for something ungodlike and disgusting to see. So, you like or not?

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