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December 16, 2009

After experiencing probably one of the most humiliating breakups in the history of television, Melissa Rycroft was able to find love once again. She accepted the rose, was proposed to and then was dumped on national television by The Bachelor’s Jason Mesnick who went on to choose the girl he initially dumped. I know, talk about a hot mess. The point is that Rycroft went on to find love and got herself hitched! See the Melissa Rycroft wedding photos here.

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Melissa Rycroft has officially been taken off the market as she has wed insurance agent Tye Strickland. Every girl that gets dumped on national television deserves happiness and a second chance at love especially when the one who dumped you turned out to be one of the biggest douchebags out there next to Jon Gosselin. Yeah, I said it. This weekend Rycroft and her honey exchanged wedding vows in Isla Mujeres, Mexico in front of 200 of their closest friends and family members. In addition, tons of pictures were taken to capture the exciting day for the reality star.

Dang, Melissa has had quite the whirlwind of a year, but in my opinion getting dumped was the best thing that happened to her. I mean, really, would she have had the opportunity to be on Dancing With the Stars, otherwise? And to have Tye behind her throughout this whole ordeal and realizing his love for her is just too cute!

InTouch Weekly has all the details regarding Melissa and Tye’s wedding. And let me tell you, apparently their wedding was one big cry fest. Melissa tells the mag, “I was fine until ‘Here Comes the Bride’ started. I think everything hit me at once. My dad started to walk down the aisle, and I just stopped him. I grabbed his arm, and I was like, ‘Hold on,’ and I started crying. And I saw Tye, and bless his heart, he had these big tears in his eyes, too. It was very emotional.”

So what was Tye feeling like when he saw his woman, besides feeling as if he was going to pass out? Tye says, “When I saw her, I just lost my breath — like I was in a football game and had the wind knocked out of me. I’ve never felt that way in my whole life, and I just couldn’t help it. She was the most gorgeous bride I’ve ever seen in my life, and it was amazing. It was absolutely perfect.

Melissa added, “Both of our dads got up there and spoke and prayed for us…I didn’t look around to see anybody — Tye and I were so wrapped up in the moment. If you asked me to repeat anything that either of our dads said, I couldn’t right now. Thankfully, there were pictures taken, so I know it happened, but I do remember that when the music started for us to go back down the aisle, we looked at each other and said, ‘We did it.'”

Tye also shared, “There were a couple of times during the ceremony where I just kept mouthing to her, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.'” Melissa said, “My heart was pounding and we were both looking at each other and squeezing each other’s hands. We were both so happy.” Awww, congratulations you two crazy kids!

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