Barry Williams is The Brady Bunch Actor

December 15, 2009

Everyone remembers Barry Williams, okay, maybe not everyone. He is “The Brady Bunch” actor and now claims his girlfriend threatened to kill him! Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video here.

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This apparently, is no Brady Bunch. Barry Williams has reportedly filed a restraining order against girlfriend, Elizabeth Kennedy.

As a biography, Barry William Blenkhorn was born in Santa Monica, California on September 30, 1954 so his age is 54. His parents are Doris May Moore and Frank Millar Blenkhorn. He is most-known for his roles as Greg Brady on ABC’s television series, “The Brady Bunch”. As a child, he made his first television debut at the age of 13, in an episode of “Dragnet”. He guest-starred in: Adam 12, The Invaders, That Girl, and Mission: Impossible and The Mod Squad. He ultimately landed his role in 1969, with “The Brady Bunch”. After the show ended in 1974, he continued to appear on television, musical theater, and tried recording music, but was unsuccessful. Following in 1984, he was cast as English con man Hannibal on General Hospital, but was never asked to return on-screen. In his 1992 autobiography called “Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg” made the New York Times bestseller list for a reported three months. It later was worked into a 2000 TV movie called, “Growing Up Brady” starring Adam Brody as Williams. He has been present in many Brady TV movie reunions like “A Very Brady Christmas”. He also roled as himself in the movie called Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. In 2001, Williams appeared in a sitcom called “S Club 7″. He can also be seen in a 2002 music video for “The Barry Williams Show”. Christopher Knight who played (Peter Brady) and Williams appeared on Fox’s sitcom, “That ’70s Show”. As well as in Knight’s reality tv show series, “My Fair Brady”. He produced a fanbase online called “The Greg Brady Project” which features conversations between Williams, fans, and other well-knowns. In 2008’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” he participated as a friend of patient, Chyna.

TMZ reports that The Brady Bunch actor claims that his girlfriend, Elizabeth Kennedy accused him of having an alleged affair with a co-star which set her into a bout of rage, supposedly pulling a knife out of the kitchen and intending on using it on him, then herself. Yikes!

Apparently, this isn’t the first time. After Kennedy was defeated in a beauty pageant, back on August 20, 2009 the actor reports that his girlfriend allegedly had made death threats to him, and also in court documents, she allegedly stole $29,000 from his bank account. I guess this is no “Brady Bunch” factor, after-all. In fact, it’s down right crazy!

Williams says that during the altercation he was able to calm her before things got out of control, but addresses, “I know that she will definitely try to harm me once she is aware that our relationship is now over.”

Fortunately, Williams was granted a restraining order against Kennedy which orders her to stay 100 yards away from him.

We wish The Brady Bunch actor, Barry Williams the best, and for his girlfriend? Stop playing with knives! Leave us your thoughts in the comment box and see pictures and a film here.

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