Cori Rist Today Show Video

December 14, 2009

Cori Rist’s Today Show video is in demand today after the alleged Woods’ mistress finally spoke out about her relationship with the golf great. Get the story here, along with photos and video.

Tiger Woods

I gave up long ago on trying to keep track of which woman is which, but now that they are starting to come forward to offer their side of things it’s getting a little easier. First it was Jamie Jungers on the Today Show, now we’ve got Cori Rist.

Rist appeared on the show this morning to dish about her relationship with Tiger, something that people seem very eager to hear the details about. She explained that although they had been friends for nearly 2 ½ years, their physical relationship only lasted 6 months.

Probably the biggest thing people have mentioned about Cori Rist’s Today Show video is how she tears up, and says:

“I’m not like most of these girls.”

Riiiight. Get more on the story here – Bumpshack

Yay. Another singing competition show! How original – SOMGWTF

Which hair-style is best for Taylor Swift? – Dana’s Dirt

Suddenly MTV has standards. They have chosen not to air Snooki getting punched by that coward Brad Ferro. – Yeeeah!

Our dreams have come true! Jon Gosselin can’t make any public appearances without TLC’s express permission…and I get the feeling they’re not granting it any time soon – Gossip Girl

Kourtney Kardashian had a baby boy! – Celebrity Smack!

The big apple may have a new worm in it! Jamie Jungers is moving to NYC – Hollywire

Wow. Sarah Jessica Parker was caught in public not dressed as a ballerina! – The Evil Beet

Hmm.. Did all of the trouble with Bobby prematurely age Whitney Houston? – Back Seat Cuddler

…now back to the story. I find in amazing that his alleged mistresses are doing a better job of getting their story out there than the man himself. He is way late on damage control. I would fire my publicist if I were him!

Check out the Cori Rist Today Show video below, along with some photos.

Tiger WoodsTiger WoodsTiger Woods

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2 Responses to “Cori Rist Today Show Video”

  1. 1
    james Says:

    wow, you guys are such morons trying to pay attention to a guy who is the best at what he does. you all should be ashamed for getting into business that is not yours but for publicity. your all fkn idiots and cannot believe the judgements that Americans make on people like tiger. leave him the hell alone, its not of importance. in a year or so, people will forget and move on. look at our past presidents who have done similar things or even other celebrities. wow, cannot belive the big deal we make about a guy who makes millions only to take it all away from him. i feel sorry for the direction the US is heading in trying to find the next big story. just dumb, dumb i tell you

  2. 2
    Jessy Says:

    All these “Nobodies” comes out and trying to get a piece of lame fame out of Tiger… how shameful! Of course, all these girls have NO SHAME because they want a piece of a married man. These girls see Tiger with $$$ signs only. Come on people, even poor men cheats because there are just too many SLUTS out there who can’t find their own man! Tiger may leave golf for now just to get away from all this. He will be back in a couple of years bigger and better than ever!