Joy Behar: Rachel Uchitel Apology

December 14, 2009

Apparently, this is no joking matter. Joy Behar had to issue an apology for calling Rachel Uchitel a “hooker” on ABC’s “The View”. Find out more humorous details and see pictures and a video here.

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On Thursday, during a discussion on “The View”, Joy Behar made a comment about the alleged affair between Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel, making a play on the mistress’ name. Following, on Monday’s show, Behar issued an apology to clear herself, stating that it was intended only as a joke.

After hearing Behar bad name the mistress, it is reported that Uchitel was not laughing and hired Gloria Allred as her attorney. Allred stated, “Even if the host said it in a joking way, Rachel is not amused because she values her reputation and has been damaged by this statement, as it is completely false.”

Reportedly, this was a “defamatory” remark and on behalf of “The View” Behar said on-air, “I apologize for any misimpression the joke may have created.” Allred said that an in-print apology would not be enough, so Behar made this public justification and Gloria and her client got what they had asked for. Fair enough. So thank you, Joy!

In other words, Behar is begging them not to sue!

In more news, it is said that mistress #1, Uchitel, supposedly told friends that she had reserved a plane ticket for last Friday from New York to West Palm Beach, coincidentally only seven and a half miles from the golf great’s yacht called “Privacy” and its North Palm Beach marina. According to the mistress, this is the location of her mother’s home, and at the same time, a reported twenty miles from Woods’ home, as well.

Well, we can only hope that Tiger has learned his lesson, but then again, can you tame the wild? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box and see Joy Behar’s apology to Rachel Uchitel on film here.

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