Elin Nordegren: No Wedding Ring

December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, has been spotted with no wedding ring. This, clearly, is no surprise. Find out more details and see pictures and a video here.

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Tiger Woods’ wife was seen for the first time, out in public, and noticeably NOT wearing her bling.

Elin Nordegren was seen and photographed at a Florida gas station, and smiling. Yes, smiling. Her mother and children were spotted inside her SUV, reportedly en route to a Christmas party nearby.

It has been reported that Nordegren has began speaking with divorce lawyers, and embarks on a trial separation from Woods. However, it has also been noted that the golfer is trying to reconcile and supposedly have another baby, like that is going to help matters, pfft!

Rumor has it that Nordegren could be planning to relocate with their two children and leave the golfer to resort to scandalous ways, or at least leave him to sit in despair and absorb in his guilt.

Because Tiger is taking an “indefinite break from professional golf,” there is speculation that the golfer and his family may move to Sweden to cope in confidence.

In some amusing news today, it is reported that the global consulting firm and sponsor Accenture Ltd. has officially let go of Tiger because the company has decided he is “no longer the right representative” regarding the prevalent circumstances the golfer has been involved in the last two weeks.

As usual, this comes as no surprise. Certainly, there are consequences for your actions, and if this isn’t the first, it isn’t the last. If I were Elin Nordegren, there would be no wedding ring on my finger, either! I really hope that Tiger Woods’ wife can find the peace of mind that she needs and deserves, and hopefully, that’s not with a wild animal by her side. Leave us your thoughts in the comment box and see photos and a film here.

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Photos: Carrie Devorah/www.wenn.com, Brian McEvoy/www.wenn.com, www.wenn.com

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